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What's wrong with me?! Please help! Feeling very ill and low


The past couple of weeks I have been really drained and majorly fatigued, my IBS d has been so much worse especially in the nausea department! I've been having D regularly and nausea along side it with extreme tiredness. I've lost my appetite and can't manage much when I do eat. My lymph nodes are a bit inflamed in my groin and my legs are achey. Does anyone know if this may be down to my IBS or is it something else? May be worth mentioning that I am ridiculously stressed and have been feeling overwhelmed with everything going on. I'm seeing the doctor next week and have recently had a colonoscopy which came back Normal. Any ideas on what may be wrong or what may help would be helpful. Thanks for reading my post and any replies!

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I don't think IBS causes inflamed lymph nodes. Best to ask your doctor. xx

Hi. IBS doesn't cause enlarged lymph nodes. Sounds as if you could be fighting something off. If you've been very stressed lately your immune system might not be working well. Pleased your colonoscopy came back normal. Mention your achey legs and feeling poorly to your doctor.

Hope you feel better soon and let us know how you get on.

Emmy-89 in reply to Purpletara

Thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay in getting back. I had to wait 2 weeks to see my GP! But anyway I'm having some bloods done and stool sample, hopefully I'll get some answers and it won't be too serious!

You could ask your doctor about Dysbiosis as this does not show with a colonoscopy.

Sounds like your immune system is overwhelmed. Try taking probiotics such as S Boularddi, which is very good for IBSD. Try low fodmap foods and eat clean, limit sugar. If you have carb / sugar cravings and brain fog when you cut them from diet you could look into candida / SIBO overgrowth and I hate to say it but parasites! They could’ve stealing your nutrients and causing gut dysbiosis. Good luck in your research and journey to better health x

Hi Natcat, thanks for your message! Sorry for the slow reply however. I took your advise on board and visited my GP, I mentioned what you had said and have asked to be tested for parasites, they are also doing lots of bloods so we'll see what comes back! I have also thought that my immune system seems r be struggling! I actually take a really good probiotic Which has helped quite a bit as I used to be even worse!

It sounds to me like your immune system is struggling. Perhaps you have a viral infection. Sounds almost like gastric flu. Perhaps ask for blood tests to be done. Wish you better.

Emmy-89 in reply to Rosiepie123

Hey thanks for your reply. I've been to the GP and asked to get bloods done so will see what comes back!


High stress may be bringing your immune system down. If you are ridiculously stressed, it could be worth trying out methods to bring stress levels down - or changing job if that is an option: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...


Emmy-89 in reply to Hidden

Hi Alison, sorry for the slow reply! Thanks for your reply however! I think you may be right as stress can cause havoc! I've been to the doctors about how I've been feeling and they are going some bloods and stool test!

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