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Hi I'm new to this website

I've been diagnosed with faecal impaction for a long time now along with constant bloating of the stomach . I have recently switched to being vegetarian and I am avoiding bread as much as I can but I'm still have a large stretched out stomach an constipation problems . I want to find out what's really wrong with me . Can anyone help ?

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Are you having help from the doctor?my advice would be see a doctor and get all the advice you can,I changed my doctor as the last one was unhelpful my new doctor is very good.

For the constipation I would advice go the laxative route to clear it (8packs) daily of laxido until your clear then try a natural remedy like flaxseed or chia seed also kiwi fruit is supposed to be very good too.But I would really see a doctor to discuss things first.

This is a great site for advice and just so that you don't feel alone with your ibs

Good luck


Have a look at FODMAPS - I avoid wheat, apples, mango - there are loads of things that bloat you up - I used to have apples every day and since giving them up my stomach has flattened! Good luck!


Lack of water can cause constipation.2 pints day at leasrt. i ake normACOL WHICH Stops me getting constipated.coffee tea can reduce water for your bowels to work well.

iv cut down to 1 aday and 2/3 decaf.walking and some yoga exercises can help with constipation. i find gren veg makes me bloated as do mushrooms.apple peel and potato skins.

hope this helps


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