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Major acid reflux problems with ibs

Hi, I suffer from Ibs but for the last 6 months I've had persistent wind, I am constantly burping on an empty stomach, I wake up first thing and feel so nauseous until I blech, I have indigestion often too, I'm not sure what triggers it as I wake up with it, sometimes symptoms ease when I eat but most the time I'm constantly burping and my stomach is bloated and I have the dull ibs abdominal pain that feels squirmy.

I am a 24 year old female, I have tried cutting things out and gaviscon, omephrozal and other acid relief nothing works!

Any thoughts what it could be???

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Have you seen a doctor? I have had this for months as well and am waiting for a gastroscopy next week. In the meantime I have been prescribed ranitidine (at a higher dose than you get over the counter) which has helped as well as cutting down on fibre, I also found gaviscon didn't work, I think it made it worse for me, and Omeprazole also did nothing. I am also using the self-hypnosis IBS audio programme 100 and I think that's really helpful. It did all kick off from a major life event and I don't underestimate the impact of things like that on my system.


Hi here try garlic and parsley talents along with a Goodprobiotic for 30 days

Often we can have old for fermenting. I wish you well.


Swallowing air causes nausea,are you breathing thro your mouth especially at night?



I have the same problem and I think a lot of others on here do too - seems to be part and parcel of IBS. I find Gastrazyme tablets work very well for me. You can get them from several places online, I get mine at:


The dose is one three times daily, but if things get too bad, I double that.

The pills are dark green and, if you give them a go, you'll find your bms will be the same colour!

Also although I'm not lactose intolerant, I have a bit of a problem with dairy and keep my intake low (difficult when it comes to cheese!) and I've found that A2 milk which you can get from all big supermarkets is much kinder to me. See:




Hi swings and roundabouts with this, eat causes problems and don't the same, though it does sound like your stomach is empty, which might be the cause of your waking and burping. Chat with your GP maybe can prescribe somthing that works for you. Good luck

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Hi if it's a low stomach acid thing, try taking a little cider vinegar before meals in warm water. I get mine from Amazon (Braggs, raw, unfiltered organic) This is one of the best ones and well worth the money. I have similar symptoms to you and it's worked for me.

Good luck.

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Hi Davakins

Have you had any back problems, pain between your shoulder blades, muscle

Spasm between the shoulder blades can be indirectly responcable for a number

Of gastric problems, very few Doctors will be aware of this, the ganglion that controls

The nerves to the stomach can mal function, this can result in acid reflux, over acidity

Can even result in gastric, and duadenal ulcers, as your problem came about suddenly

There must be a cause, that needs to be found, treating it with medication is unlikely to be a permanent cure, the above may not apply to your problem, but bare it in mind, if you think it could be, you will need to see a physiotherapist or chairopractor

If there is a muscle spasm, it'll need a lot of massage by someone that knows

That they are doing, it will usually take quite a few sessions, to cure the problem

Regards bobcat 38


Ibs is so frustrating, like you have mentioned, I have myself have had Ibs for about 2 years now, symptoms include wind,bloating, stomach makes strange noises cramping pains, feeling sick, burping, I have been backwards & forwards to my doctors, tried several lots of different medics and nothing has really helped. I have been refered to see a gastrologist, due to see him on the 10th Feb, so will see what he says and suggests. Its certainly not easy to control, I'm only 20.

I hope you can find out what is causing your symptoms and get them more under control.


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