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IBS attack triggers

I've had IBS for over 30yrs now , I have mytimes when I can go a couple of weeks without an attack ! over the last few years I have found every time I'm out in the garden pitching about , whether it be cutting grass , hedge or just general DIY I find about an hour in I suddenly have excruciating pains in my stomach and have to run to the toilet , can pollen bring on an attack , does any one else get this happening ?

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I find crouching down weeding in the garden eventually makes me rush to the loo. Don't think my IBS D (30-odd years too) necessarily causes it. If I'm in an attack its even more acute though!

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Hi Nisi1, wouldn't have thought it would be pollen (not that I'm an expert!) more likely to be the bending & stretching involved in gardening.


Thanks for your reply Mc89 , sometimes when I'm potching about in the garden I'm not necessarily bending a lot , it's just uncanny - every single time I'm working in the garden no matter how little work I do it happens .


It could be an intolerance to certain natural chemicals. Cut grass gives off volatile organic compounds for example. Fertilisers, strong smelling plants, damp areas (mould), glues, aromatic wood used for diy can all cause reactions and yes it can be bowel related! I have this problem.


I think the bending/ crouching can give you cramps as I often get this just vacuuming around the house!


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