Low FODMAP diet - gluten free or low gluten?

I am loving the low FODMAP diet as it generally (95% of the time) seems to have sorted out my tummy issues. However, I am trying to find an alternative for lactofree milk and was considering Oatly. It contains less than 100ppm gluten which makes it a low gluten food, whereas gluten free means less than 20ppm. Will it still be suitable for my low FODMAP diet? Anybody know?

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  • Hi Sarat1 Ko Ko milk is gluten free and it's delicious,it's also allegen free. You also only get gluten in wheat. I've also tried Almond milk unsweetened they both also contain calcium. Hope that's been of some help.

  • Thanks. I am avoiding coconut due to tummy issues I get from it and assume this is what KoKo is made from? Also almonds are a high FODMAP due to the high oligos so have to avoid those. Oatly will be perfect if a low FODMAP diet allows the 100ppm of gluten that it contains. Thanks again, anyway.

  • I use it most of the time and find it perfect. Have been on low FOdmap lactofree and gluten free for a year and like you have been amazed at the result after 20 years of suffering. I also use coconut and almond milk from time to time. There is also a yogurt called Coyo which Waitrose stocks. Oatly also have a cream substitute

  • Thanks for responses. I think I will give it a go and monitor my body's response, making sure I keep everything else in my diet the same. Might also give rice milk a try though as it might suit my needs.

  • I use rice milk (rice dream) as I can't tolerate lactose free milk either. It actually tastes better than soya if you've tried that and it's naturally sweeter than cow's milk.

  • Thanks for your advice, I tried Rude Health Brown Rice Milk and it was divine so as long as it works for my digestion, I will stick with it!

  • I would suggest Alpro - I know that it's soya and you may not wish to take that

  • Sorry I can not help, I am new to this, but I would like to find a milk I can use for drinks, porridge and cooking, do not like the KoKo milk


  • I like kefir as it is low lactose (99% lactose free) and provides probiotics.

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