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Tips on dealing with IBS flare ups? FODMAP tips?


I'm nearly 19 and I've had IBS type M (goes from diarrhea to constipation then settles down eventually) for about a year. To deal with it I had taken mebeverine which didnt do much, biupspen and peppermint oil that help a bit better and have gone gluten free/ wheat free. For the past month or so I've had a really bad flare up which is very painful, getting really bad these past couple of weeks where I've had to miss college due to either running to the toilet all the time, or being too much in pain and have tried to go on the FODMAP diet for the past 2 weeks. Things are improving a little yet not significantly and I'm very tired, which is a worry as I'm starting to fall behind on work and some teachers aren't the most sympathetic sometimes suggesting I drop out which adds stress!

Any ideas on how I can have quicker improvement that I really need?

Also is homemade jam ok on FODMAP diet?


The ibs sufferer currently in sloth state

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Sorry you're having a hard go sloth. FODMAPS is tricky. You could also have reactions to something that isn't a FODMAP food. For me, corn is an example, I know rice bothers someone else on the forum. Keep track of your symptoms and what you're eating, you might notice a pattern. Watery rice soup (congee) got me through the diet, and is pretty easy/quick to make. Check the internet for recipes, just make sure anything you add is FODMAP okay.

As for the jam, is it made with white sugar or does it have honey or other high FODMAP sweetener? And what kind of fruit? If you're finding you're reacting after eating toast and jam it could also be the bread - commerical gluten free breads are rotten for my guts, you might be the same. I found doing my own baking was best on that diet.

Thank you! Might try my hand at baking!

This is one of my go-to gluten free 'bread' recipes. It's not good for sandwiches, but it's good toasted with a spread. You'd have to check that whatever nuts and seeds you use would be fodmaps okay. And if you can't tolerate fiber it's probably not for you.

IBS has made me a baker and a cook

thank you x

Your is sounds like mine. I get stressed have D then immediately c then after I eventually go it calms until I either eat something wrong or find myself stressing. I have a speech next week. I'm dreading it. Each time I think about it I feel ill . I just hope all my tablets work on the night. I've tried looking at diet and so far all red meats especially pork and eggs are making me flare up. I had ham last week just a tiny bit by mistake and was in so much pain. I'm also a sloth but an old one

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Thanks for your reply. I hope the speech went well if you have already done it! Maybe the build up is worse than the actual speech...maybe try not to think and worry about it to much- which is easier said than done. Remember to reward your self with something afterwards. I find a treat is great to keep your mind positive.

Thanks from one sloth to another x

Depends on what the jam is made of. If on the Fodmaps list of low Fodmaps food then OK.

If you don't have the Monash Fodmaps app I suggest you get it as it has a very full list of acceptable foods which you can have with you even when shopping or eating out.

Good luck. Although it is quite a long process don't give up as the results are well worth it fir many people.

Try going dairy free too especially when you are on an IBS diarrhoea phase. I find the best thing to help with that phase is Imodium instants

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Thank you x

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