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Desperate, sad, fatigued. I can't accept that this is my life now :( I am 44 year old female and was diagnosed with Ibs last year. 4 mnths ago my tummy started bloating, very hard and painful. I am skinny but I look 6 months pregnant all the time. . I hardly eat anything because I feel full even after a glass if water. I feel breathless and tired all the time. It is debilitating, I have 2 small biys who needs their active mommy back :( I have been on low fodmap , gluten free, lactose free, carb free diet since December but no help. I recently found the website of Dr. Rostenberg - the 10 day gut repair. I went to buy all the suggested supplements and started 3days ago. But I feel even worst since starting, my tummy is so distended and uncomfortable. Could it be the high doses if probiotics??Has anyone tried his intense 10day gut repair? Any success stories? I am so desperate to feel better and would appreciate any replies...

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  • What tests has your doctor done to rule out other causes of your symptoms? For instance, have you had a colonoscopy, proctogram etc?

  • Hi Rosie, yes I did the tests. Colonoscopy, x-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy. The Doctor just told me I have diverticulitis and IBS and told me to see a Dietitian.

  • What do you do about the constipation, e.g. do you take laxatives etc?

    Are you constipated so that you can't have bms or do you 'go' but can't completely empty your bowel?

    Sorry, can't help you with the diet you mention as I know nothing about it; in my experience though, most of these sites are just out to sell you stuff. Sorry also for the questions, but the more info you give on here, the more likely somebody might be able to help.


  • I went on parsley and garlic tablets daily and a good probiotic for 30 days.

  • It is such a draining thing - IBS - I noticed when I totally eat only natural foods and drink a lot of natural things ( H2O, teas, etc ) it's way better. I understand the bloating- it can change in a few hours and make you miserable and depressed. I manage mine ( I'm now 50 and had since I can remember- and had every test under sun) with Linzess ( prescription which is fairly new drug) , Swiss Kriss if I need extra help ( herbal lax) and stay away from things I know are gassy since I already have bloating problems occasionally. Also eat smaller portions and more times a day than eating a big meal. I learned to get pretty creative with the natural food recipes and my daughter who wasn't even overweight lost 20 lbs. it's hard to have energy when you are miserable- maybe green tea or B vitamins would help? Good luck.

  • Hi - would be interested to now how you got on. My 12 year old son has IBS D and we have pretty much been left to it by the docs. We keep on top of it with Movicol and good pro biotics..apart from the occasional flare up.

  • sorry - I meant

  • ...I meant IBS C. The touchpad on this laptop is so sensitive!!

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