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IBS issues for 6 1/2 years, finally some relief!!

Ok, so I've had a horrible battle with IBS-D for many years. I've tried every medication under the sun, all different 'diets' and nothing has helped, over the last 6 months it got so bad I had A&E trips for fluids and pain meds. I recently had a colonoscopy and biopsies to check for IBD. The consultant has said 100% its IBS and referred me back to the dietician! I'm sure many of you can understand the frustration and pain I've been through.

I recently stumbled on a book called Clean by Alejandro Junger, I read this and then found there was another book called Clean Gut, I bought all the supplements (may I add, their branded kits aren't available to ship outside the us so I went on Amazon and found the equivalents.

I started this 21 day Clean Gut program 7 days ago, and I cannot believe how much better I feel already. My IBS is so much better, im not feeling as fatigued, I just cannot get across how much better I feel.

I wanted to share this with you all, in the hope than 1 person might do the plan and feel better.

Read the books, research, get your head round it all and then go for it. There's even a free members site called my.cleanprogram.com if you join this there are professionals you can talk to for free, and other members sharing their recipes, tips etc.

I hope this info can help someone. I cant express enough, try it, see how you feel for your self.

Clare :) x

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Thats great. I actually have the book. Never done the full detox programs as I have heard from experts that they are not a good idea but I use it for the recipes and a general clean eating approach to my food. Might have to look into the detox.


Oh really, out of interest why did they say it wasn't a good idea? I'd sat give it a try, listen to your body.

I couldn't tolerate any veg or fruit, and now I'm so pleased I can eat healthy without have awful after effects.


My doctor has forbidden any cleanses. They can actually cause inflammation and distress to your bowels even more, they can be the start of IBS.

When you do a cleanse, it can wash out your gut flora, good and bad. This gives bad gut flora a chance to multiply. Everyone has some E. coil and C. Diffiile among other nasty microbes naturally in your gut. These can take hold, and if they do your IBS or IBD will be worlds worse.

If you are a healthy person you can usually withstand a cleanse. If you have any health conditions ESP gastrointestinal conditions it is not a good idea. There is a reason doctors do not prescribe cleanses. Your body cleans itself. Cleanses are just companies trying to make money as everyone is health/ clean obsessed. I did a cleanse before thinking it was a healthy thing to do.....everyone else was doing it and advertisements said it was good....well I am paying for it now! It was the start of all my issues

I would first talk to your doctor and let him/her know you plan to do a cleanse and show them the product. See what the doctor says.

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You can do natural cleanse just by eating raw and whole foods. Cut out preservatives, additives and refined sugars. In a few days your guts will be clean as a whistle. Drinking water is the number one way to flush your system.

I hope this helps, I'm hoping what happened to me doesn't happen to anyone else. I do wish you good luck either way!

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Thanks I will have a look into it <3

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