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Stomach gas and pain


I have suffered with IBS-D for over 30 years. Over the last few months I seem to have been suffering off and on with what feels like trapped gas, I get a pain just above my ribs right in the centre underneath the centre of my bra strap (maybe my diaphragm) which feels like there is something stuck there, if I press it a few times, I usually either burp or pass wind from the other end, I also at the same time have a very painful stomach which if I press the same as above happens. Has anyone else had any problems like this that sound familiar and if so any thoughts on how to relieve this?


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I have the same sort of problem with trapped wind and gas which is always made worse by too much dairy. I find that A2 milk ( ) is a big help as it's so much easier on digestion.

When things do get bad though (such as after a surfeit of cheese!) I take Gastrazyme (which I buy online from ) 1-2 tablets 3 times a day until things settle down. They can take a couple of days to kick in, so just lately I've been trying a suggestion from another forum member which is baby gripe water (triple the dosage) and as a quick fix, it's pretty effective.

Hope this helps,


kavanagh1955 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Rosie I've ordered some gastrayzme, fingers crossed

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Just a word to the wise so you don't take fright: the tablets are dark green ... and your stools will be pretty much the same hue!

Happy New Year!

kavanagh1955 in reply to Hidden

Ha ha Rosie, thanks for letting me know, I'm used to different colours at the moment, thanks, happy New Year to you too x

It seems like a heartburn symptoms if it causes acidity and gas. Try some fennel powder after every meal, 3 times a day. I try it everyday & it helps to release the gas and acid reflux. Try experimenting with aloe vera juice, that is also known as a good reliever of acidity.

hope it helps :)

I found for me, cutting down on Wheat helped, along with dairy its part of group of foods known as FODMAP that can be troublesome to digest.

I followed the fodmaps diet a while ago and still try to follow some of the principles, this just seems to have started a couple of months ago, had a lot of stress so maybe that is making it worse?

l tryed a FODMAP diet but it did,nt help me it actually made my symtoms worse , l also lost weight , and now trying to the weight back on , l have been suffering with lbs now for twelve years , and this last year has been the worst , having my gallbladder removed in January thinking that may inprove my symtoms but that did,nt help , l've now come off lansoprasole after being on these for a very long time, after having saliva swollen test a the hospital the sciencetest test told me the the lansoprasole would'nt be helping my smytoms so now l only take minted capsules , hoping to get better help from a new doctor l,ve move too.

I the same! ! Waiting now 10 months to see gastrointestinal specialist!! Hope they can do something for me! ! Christmas was just a whole lot of pain! !

I hope you sort it out, I feel your pain.

I try to be positive but hey it's hard!

I know how you feel, I do understand, it's so hard and frustrating sometimes to have a condition which has such an impact on life and well-being that no one understands unless they have, can I ask how long you have had ibs?

Since I had a urostomy bag fitted 5 years ago

Imust say tho. It's the last 6 months which have been the worst!!

I really hope you get it all sorted I can't believe that you've had to wait so long

No I can't either kavanagh!! They usually see us with *bags*.within a couple of weeks.state of the n h s. I guess! ! Very very depressing. X

Hello. Been suffering with ibs for over 15 years I'm in my late twenties so it's been a rough ride. stop eating gassy and oily foods cut out all gluten dairy and processed sugars. Drink soothing teas and broths daily and take probiotics, enzymes, kombucha, anti spasms medications and Imodium if needed, there is a liquid medicine called flying rabbit which I wrote about on this website and helps loads. Take control of what you eat and when you eat it and cook as much as you can and feel free to check out my website for free recipes and tips :-)

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