Pain in stomach and lower chest

I have bouts of pain in my lower chest and upper abdomen, it feels like a burning tight ache and it last all day, I also have burning sensation in my anus and lots of bloating and wind, pls I can feel churning and grinding from my stomach, I have tried just about every pain killer known to man and they make no difference, plus buscopan even steroids, I am in the process of having tests but NHS are so slow, they blame IBS ! First of all they said gallstones but have now ruled that out, its such a debilitating pain and I have to work in this condition which makes life intolerable, just wondered if anyone else has experienced these type of symptoms??

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  • Hi, i do im suffering at the moment my monthly is also due, i suffer with ibs and anxiety.

  • I have the same symptoms. They took my gallbladder out but it didn't help much. The chest burning part also gives me pain in my left shoulder blade/ back. I too have found no solutions or treatments I'm afraid. I know any sugar substitutes trigger the wind/bloating part so avoid them but beyond that, I haven't found any answers. Beyond that, I have a very limited bland diet because I find a lot of foods make me sick so I avoid them. I wish you luck with diagnosis/treatment.

  • They checked my gall bladder and said its fine so did they check yours and find something wrong? cant imagine they would remove it otherwise? are you still having tests?

  • They said my gallbladder was fine, at first but then a second doctor said it wasn't. My boss was also told her's was ok but it wasn't and she had hers removed this year. I'm not sure they always get the diagnosis right. I was told to 'live with it' and to try 'a more holistic way of life' by our NHS. I have tried to live with it but it all just gets worse and because so many foods make me sick as well, I have a very limited diet so I'm just waiting to go back to see a specialist again now. Personally, I don't think they know what is wrong, I think an IBS diagnosis is sometimes an excuse because they don't know what the real problem is. I have just modified my life and eating habits quite severely to try to manage. Good luck getting well again!

  • Hi guys, I had something very similar that went on for months and months. I am not if I got this recommended from someone on here but I tried Silicol Gel, it is quite expensive I think but once opened lasts for 3 months. I used it for around 5 days and all my symptoms have cleared. So far so good, but I know that if they return I will reuse this again. Hope that might help somebody.

  • Tried that stuff its about 15 quid a bottle out of Holland and Barret looks like wall paper paste and tastes like what wall paper paste smells like! having never tasted wall paper paste!, comes from Germany unfortunately for me was waste of money!! but anythings worth a try!

  • That's a shame, although I definitely agree about the wallpaper paste element, I held my nose when I drank it so didn't smell it.

    Obviously not sure if it was that that helped or whether it was just time. But I guess I have to try it again if needed. I only know that all the burning and gas and pain and fullness feeling in between my ribs has now gone.

  • I also get the burning every now and again I suffer with the bloating and churning and grinding in my stomach everyday. I have been diagnosed with IBS and get very painful cramps and diarrhoea every couple of weeks. I'm slowly starting to learn I have to be careful what I eat.

  • Hi richard wat yur describing & the churning noices in yur gut ibs has all the classic symptoms you have even yur pain in yur anus but they never got it right with me hun so dont take it as ibs it was coeliac disease I had so I suffered with wat I thought was ibs the agony pains I had with it & lived on the toilet go bak & tell them to give you more tests take care patricia

  • Hi Pat, thanks for reply, I tried the Gluten free stuff don't make any difference, I am having tests done but NHS are so slow!! I waited 6 weeks to get seen, and another 6 weeks to have a test done! have to work in the pain it gives me, life is a misery. thnks Richard.

  • Hi. I'm suffering also have the churning cramping. Doesn't ease if I eat or not. Have had the camera last week n they removed a couple of polyps n diagnosed Muscular dystrophy! I would love to get rid of the constant churning. Have tried Pysillium husk. Also any advice would be welcome. Cheers

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