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What's the Problem

I recently received both a upper GI endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Both came clean. The GI doctor did not find anything. So why do I still feel bloated ? Could there still be something wrong? I am very frustrated. I was treated for constipationwith miralax. I still had pressure undermyrib cage. I had xrays, cat scans done and they didn't find anything wrong. I was recommended to see the GI doctor. He conducted the upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy and didn't find anything. I still feel bloated.

Could there be a misdiagnosis or is it just gas? Do I continue to take the miralax once a day to insure regularity? I do have a probiotic (Nature's Bounty with 1 million organisms including acidophilus and lactobacillus). Is it safe to take it along with the

generic form of Benefiber that I have? I just want the bloating to go away permanently. I was told it may take months to disappear. I hope that is not true.

The GI doctor also administered a biopsy and everything came out clean.

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Probably caused by the food you are eating? Common causes of bloating wheat and dairy plus some veg such as onions garlic leeks cauliflower plus fruit with stones like peaches plus apples pears plus pulses.

Try using FODMAPS to eliminate your causes. You can get an app from MonAsh University which shows foods classified in a traffic light system so is easy to follow and only costs around £7

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Don't dispair. The best thing is you have had a lot of tests and all is clear. I have been reading a really good book about the gut and in it she says that if you suffer with wind/gas/bloating to sleep on your left side which allows it to reach the opening in our gut and not get trapped at top thus causing pain.

Hope this helps.

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