First meeting w/new Gastro doc to help w/ever changing symptoms

I met with a new Gastro today and as I figured I have to get another colonoscopy and my very first endoscopy January 17.. He said because my last colonoscopy was 5 years ago and that was the only thing done, he wants to start from scratch so that they can start ruling things out. I never did extensive testing my first go around with this, so when they said ibs, I just accepted that and have been uncomfotably dealing with it on my own. I told him that I am willing and want to be proactive about not feeling like garbage all the time! I just need someone to tell me where to start and figure out what is causing what and why? For my own peace of mind, since so many stomach problems mirror others, I need to know for sure that I have ibs and if i have an upper gi problem also. So down the rabbit hole I go, searching for the answers and treatment that will allow me to have more good days than bad!

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  • At least it sounds like someone is listening to you and wants to help. Good luck.

  • The only way to go........knowledge is power !

    Good luck with the tests


  • Have you read about the condition called Dysbiosis?

  • No I'm interested luv

  • All the best

  • Good luck. :)

  • I think the worst problem with this

    complaint is feeling garbage all the time & not been able to keep arrangements,

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