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Is it ibs

Hi there. I had a colonoscopy about two months ago . I have been diagnosed with mild diverculitus and piles, which I suppose is a relief as crohns runs in the family, which my children have and my brother, I have always suffered from ibs and when stressed out its kicks off and I have to take cooper in tablets and it's mainly load of wind gurgling in my stomach and sort of diarrhoea every morning, but what is worrying me , I have pains in my stomach at night , which sometimes are not dreadful. And the next day it early morning toilet , the thing that is worrying me I never had pain in the stomach in bed and it sometimes wakes me up is this all part of ibs or is it something else, I had biopsy taken from the back of my hand and it's worrying me about the result which I have had back yet although it will be 3 weeks next Wednesday, do you think this internal worry could contribute to the pains , I get them during the day and it is very uncomfortable , I didn't want go back to cooper min I wanted to see if this eases up thank you.mi said the tablets were copper I mean copper in peppermint oil.

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Pain can be from gas. If you feel relief in the morning after you go to the bathroom, that certainly could be gas. It can be painful. Last week I read a book called "The SIBO Solution." It explains that when bacteria from the large intestine somehow migrates up into the small intestine where it is not supposed to be -- it starts feeding off of carbohydrates - grains. Then it gives off either hydrogen or methane gas. If it is hydrogen you will have diarrhea and if methane, constipation. This gas is what causes the bloating and symptoms. The book explains a dietary protocol of eliminating all grains for a while among other specific rules. I have been on the diet now for 5 days, and feeling a lot better. I am feeling about 60% better already. Apparently it is going to take a few months to get rid of the SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.) I am also taking some strong herbal antibiotics that the book indicates that help to kill the bacteria and also one to promote motility. Seems to be helping too. Here's the link to the page. hollywoodhomestead.com/sibo...



What are the herbal antibiotics you are using?

Thanks, sharon


Allimed (Allicin) - 1 - 2 Caps 3x per day

Berberine Complex 2 caps 3x per day

Neem Plus: 1 cap 3x a day

MotilPro for motility: 3 caps 1 - 2 times a day

and there is another one that I have to get:

Inerfase Plus: It's a biofilm disruptor: 2 caps 3 x a day.

I suggest reading the book - there is a whole chapter on herbal antibiotics for SIBO.

I just listened to a very informative video about this subject with Dr. Pimentel from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, he probably has the most knowledge about SIBO than anyone on the planet right now. He said that the bacteria is killed when they are active -- so a small amount of carbs in the diet is necessary to kill them in the right stage. If you totally starve them, they will just go into hibernation and the herbal antibiotics or if you take rifaximin which is a pharmaceutical antibiotic won't work -- because the "bugs" are not out there "happy" and in a state where they can be killed. This is a new piece of the puzzle for me. He said that you should add a small amount of carbs like white bread or sourdough white bread - one with a high glycemic so it is easily digested. I would presume something like jasmine rice that has the highest glycemic of any rice would work too.

Here is the interview with Dr. Pimentel:


Sorry -- there is one that I misspelled -- it should be:

Interfase Plus (Klaire Labs)


Skip the Interfase Plus - it contains EDTA which can damage enamel on your teeth. I'm looking into alternatives.


Also take a probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii.


Hi This does sound like wind which can be uncomfortable and painful,

I suffered a lot especially at night. I was advised to take Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, which is very important. I would urge

anyone having problems to research it, it has transformed my life.

I know it sounds improbable but it really works. I get mine from Amazon

but check it out, you could be doing yourself a favour, I no longer take

any other meds.

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Thanks for replying does the apple vinegar have side effect s like burning or sore throat , as I am a bit nervous trying new things,and what is the best way to take it as somebody on her I read I think or maybe the amazon reviews said it cleared them out bowels I mean and I don't want that I already all the time. Thanks what is the best way to take it I saw brambells on amazon whic seem to have loads of reviews.


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