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Hi everyone. Had IBS for some forty odd years. Comes and goes away sometimes for months then starts again. Don t always know why. Had it now for three weeks , dreadful stomach ache and horrid taste in my mouth. Feel awful and it's really getting me down. I know it's silly but always start worrying it's something more serious every time in get an attack. Had tests and ultra scans and numerous blood tests and my Dr says it's IBS. I know stress is part of my trouble. Thanks for listening. This site is very comforting knowing other people understand.

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Hi Gloden,

Like you, I will go months at a time with little or no flare ups, but about 2 months ago had a terrible bout, saw my gastro doctor twice, had myself convinced it was more than IBS. Had a ct scan done, negative, but my doctor saw I was still in pain and worrying, did a colonoscopy which also showed nothing except my diverticulosis. My stress added to my IBS. I went on a bland diet, which did help. I think the key is to remember that IBS IS painful and we can get bouts that last several weeks, but do check with your gastro doctor if you are concerned.




I know what you mean about worrying that it's something more serious. I'm going to have some blood and stool tests done. I wish I had had Celiac blood test done before starting on Fodmap diet! I had Colonoscopy 2 years ago and it only showed hemmorhoids, but I'm still worried that something serious could have started since then. Doctor says no need for another one yet. Do any if you have Celiac Disease?


I have terrible left-sided abdominal pain, so I got a CT, pelvic ultrasound, colonoscopy, and endoscopy.  Biopsied some polyps, but otherwise only saw hemmorhoids.  I also got tested for celiac & it's negative, so???


Know the horrible taste in your mouth, ruins my day when its bad :(


Thanks everyone for your replies. Very comforting to chat on here. Hope we all feel well soon x


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