Does anyone here experiencing anhedonia or has experienced it and knows how they deal with it or even found a way to cured it. Let me explain what anhedonia is. I am not depressed - but I cannot feel pleasure or happiness . Nothing moves me. I don't feel - I don't feel happy and I don't feel sad. It's as though I am dead inside, but yet I do not feel depression. There is no enjoyment . I don't enjoy a nice beautiful day or a pretty painting or music. No matter what I do nothing makes me happy . I can't feel happiness or pleasure. That is what Anhedonia is.

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  • Hi Jennifer, I just did a quick search and found something called Appreciative Living, hopefully it will be helpful. Just search under anhedonia, I can understand how awful this is, I really wish you well.

  • Hi jennifer, you may not think that you're depressed, but that's what acute depression can feel like.

    My advice is to see a holistic/ naturopathic practitioner. I'm seeing one at the moment for my anxiety based ibs.

    They can often sort things out in ways that seem a bit whacky, but really work where accepted medicine can't. Just a thought, it's a pretty miserable place to be, and nothing to lose. Good luck. Nobiker

  • Hi Nobiker,

    I thought of seeing Holistic - naturopathic practitioner - Not being happy and feeling no pleasure is worth trying anything

    Thank you for the advice

  • Thank you I will certainly look that up

  • My doctor suggested I have that, ask me what I would like, anything n the world and the answer is nothing, nothing brings me pleasure. Went to Europe and America last year with family grandchildren etc. would have been happier at home in bed. Sounds unappreciative but really waking up and living is a chore. The difference is I am chronically depressed, been like it all my life. If I was to go to sleep and never wake p that would suit me fine. Wishing you well.

  • Oh wow can I relate to you in every way. I only leave my house when I have too. You don't sound unappreciative to me. I get it. Nothing brings me joy. I also have been depressed all my life starting at 9 years old. I dread the dawn of every morning and I have absolutely have no life. I sit and do nothing all day and what makes it worse is people and there unlisted advise which I hate. I don't answer the phone anymore. I could easily live on an island all by myself in fact I would love it Just to be left alone. I also wish you well.

  • The best way for me to cope with anhedonia is to lie down and drift off to sleep. I don't particularly care for interacting so I rarely answer my phone or my door.

  • Denvajade, it's horrendous feeling like that isn't it? And together with the guilt over knowing that some people would give their right arms to trade places doesn't help. I know. My advice is to see someone who is not mainstream medicine - it can do no harm.


  • Yes, it certainly is an awful feeling to be like this. I wake up every morning and I don't even feel the pleasure from my fist cup of coffee in the morning to enjoying a nice sunny day ,and there are many days I dread the thought of getting out of bed in the morning.

    I am going to look for someone in my area. Thanks again

  • Thank you for your reply! I feel I have tried every thing under the sun, spent thousands.


  • wow - A lot of people doesn't understand Anhedonia - Do you know what triggered it ? I used to have a flower garden which brought me so much pleasure. I didn't even bothering this year. I loved walks in the fall. I haven't gone outside. Why bother - I can't feel beauty . I am unable to enjoy it or anything for that matter as if y soul left my body.

    I feel for you - If you ever discover sometime that helps. Please let me know and I will do the same for you. All my best to you.

  • I have been like it all my life I think! Came from a violent family, beaten, tied up, knives and guns. I do feel "sadness and anger" but no pleasure or joy. I recently on the advice of mt daughter got a puppy. She is a softy so I will see??

    Take care

  • I hope when you get the puppy that you are filled with joy -

  • Thank you I would luv to feel that xx

  • Are you still experiencing anhedonia? I've had it three years.

  • Hi Bill998

    I sent you a reply - But I don't see it any where. Please let me know if you got it. If not I will send you another one.

  • Hi Bill998

    I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from anhedonia - It is the worst !! When did it start for you ? I heard certain antibiotics can trigger it as well as other medications .

    I want to give you some hope that it can and will get better. I no longer have anhedonia . I had it for over three years. I don't know how my anhedonia went away but I can just tell you how I tried to rid myself from the grip of anhedonia .

    First, everyday at the same time. I would lay down on my couch. I would close my eyes and try and remember memories of happy times in my life when I had joy in my heart. . I would try and tap into that feeling by awaking my memory so that it my spark a feeling in me. That helped and got very close to capturing that feeling. I would also pray and meditate and even cry out to God that I wanted to feel God in my heart and love.

    I started taking vitamins - omega fish oil and Vitamin D 2000 mg. Vitamin B-12 I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes. I would look into the sun light as often as I could and remember the good in my life and have gratitude for it - You could have gratitude even without feeling the emotion.

    I don't know if any or all or none of this helped for sure but one day I had a small window where I felt a spark of joy and than it went away until the small window became larger until one day I woke up happy again and the anhedonia was gone. This too can happen to you.

    Know and tell yourself you will get better. I know first hand how hard and awful and painful having anhedonia is. Its torture I know - I had it for a long time. Don't lose faith keeping telling yourself you will get better. I will pray for you Bill998. I wish happiness and wellness for you.

    Jennifer 1983

  • I'm glad you're no longer anhedonic. With the condition it's difficult to move forward and affirm actions that can mitigate it. Lack of motivation where accomplishment and satisfaction have become alien concepts. It's good to know it wasn't permanent in your case. Maybe I'll come out of it one day. Right now it's not as bad as it was a while back. I actually was able to tolerate certain activities that I had found completely joyless and useless a while back. They weren't fun but they weren't painfully tedious like they used to be. This involved interacting with friends. I still find conversation very tedious and can take it only in short doses. I'd say the quality of my anhedonia has fluctuated but it;s still there. Good luck to you. I hope your life continues to improve.

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