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Probiotic/Weight Gain

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I posted this in reply to another query but decided to also post as a separate question.

I am curious to know does anyone feel their weight is increasing taking probiotics or they blow up all over - this is what I am finding at the moment - so not sure whether I don't need them anymore or wrong strains or what but I have tried all different ones and having same problem - feel bloated - hate it! Feel like someone as taken a bicycle pump and pumped me up! Has anyone any advice they can give me or a product that doesn't do this or another supplement I could take!

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Are you taking omeprazole or any other ppi with the probiotics I stopped the ppi stuff and take sauerkraut /kimchi I was gaining weight but it’s back to normal now if I get any acid now I just take a ranitidine

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janetmtt in reply to Mechanic100

Take nothing but did wonder if it is SIBO probiotics are literally a no no -tried loads and all doing this to me - didn't use to do this but the last few months everyone I take does this - maybe I don't need them - have taken them for about four years and someone said that probiotics shouldn't be taken every day only after antibiotics or if your bacteria needs upping - once it's been upped you should stop!

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I don’t know what country you live in but if you suspect sibo go and get a breath test done at the docs if it is get the appropriate antibiotics and try that stay of the probiotics for a while and see if it gets any better I have had ibs for over 20 years now and have tried everything different things work for different people all the tests that the hospital have are very invasive and cannot tell you if you have ibs only rule out other things experiment and use what is right for you ??? I hope this helps . Allen

I don't feel ill and I don't have all of the syptoms for sibo - some of them are similar but then they are the same as other diseases etc. What do you take

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janetmtt in reply to janetmtt

If I am honest I wish I'd never started probiotics because for me they have given me more problems than what they sorted

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Bannerbabe in reply to janetmtt

I agree with with you janetmtt as Im worse off since I tool alflorax. Im attending accupuncture at present to see if it helps

I'm having acupuncture Wed for a bad wrist injury - scaphoid fracture I think but not showing on Xray been referred to specialist - however having it for pain relief and to protect my bones but also I had some before Christmas for my digestion. When I see her on Wed I am asking for pain relief but also to treat digestion at same time and the bloating. Yes Alflorex has a lot to answer for - a friend was really poorly after taking it and took her months to get back to where she was before she took it

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