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IBS under control, but still pelvic pain



I finally had a gastro appointment at the hospital today, lost of questions around all my symptoms, and basically he said that some of the symptoms are definitely IBS (bloating, gas, full after eating etc), and that I am managing these well (doing everything they would have suggested including fodmap) but the pelvic and strong pain is more likely adhesions (identified last year during laparoscopy) and will just need to find the best medication to control the pain. He did agree to refer me for a flexible sigmoidoscopy just for peace of mind, but it's now just back to the dr to see what tablets to try next! I am pleased there wasn't anything worrying came out of the appointment, and pleased to be having the exam, but don't feel that happy as the pain has been worse lately and it worries me there doesn't seem much they can do. I also get pains in my shoulders, arms & hands and sometimes legs too, get really fatigued and groggy at times and can find it hard to concentrate, but he didn't really say anything about these symptoms - looking back I should have asked more specifically, but always seem to miss something at appointments! I don't know if these will be connected to the ibs/adhesion pains, or if this is something else. Also now have to figure out what to say at work, they are being supportive but need to sort out what can be done to help me be at work more because I've already had 20 sick days this year so have been referred to occupational health, I can do some home working days, but this isn't necessarily helpful as I can still feel bad on the other days - really muddled at the moment, not sure what to do now!

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Shame I know how you feel. Apparently previous adhesions add to our problems. I have definitely found relief from cutting out wheat and dairy. Also clearing my bowel eases the pressure and pain. Stll have Endoscope appointment do heres holding thumbs. You are not alone. Hang in there.

Di-Mc in reply to Eil7-8

Good luck with the Endoscope, hope it goes ok. x

Hello Merlin19

I have pains in all of the areas you mentioned above and also pretty nasty lower back pain. I wondered how old you are ? I'm 49, I had a total hysterectomy at the end of October last year. What I don't put down to IBS I put down to my HRT which I've now stopped taking. I'm trying a "natural" plant based HRT now hoping that will help with my symptoms. This may not apply to you but I just thought I'd mention it. I actually wondered if I may have fibromyalgia but I just think now I'm struggling to find the right hormone balance for me.

Very best wishes


merlin19 in reply to AGood


Thanks for the reply. I'm 31 and I suppose there could be a hormonal link, I did have low oestrogen levels for a while, but as far as I know these are normal again now. I too have wondered about fibromyalgia, but the last time I mentioned it to the GP they weren't convinced. I think it would explain a lot if that's what it was, but from what I can tell any treatment would likely be the same route as I'll be going down anyway, so at the end of the day I suppose what it's called doesn't matter too much!

I hope you get somewhere soon with getting your symptoms sorted :)



It's like walking a minefield isn't it ?? On my worst days I feel so down and I'll I don't know where to put myself. On my better days I am just so grateful for a reprieve and just try to get on living life to the full. I'm so glad I have other people to talk to about this as I really can't cope with thinking I'm the "only one" who lives with this stuff. I truly hope you can find something's that work for you.

I hope you have a good day.

Di-Mc in reply to AGood

No you are definitely NOT the only one, thank goodness for this site, so that we know there are others who we can share info with.

I have done the rounds of Gynae who send me to Gastro , who send me back to Gynae, etc etc until I think sometimes we may as well sort ourselves out !

I have been told I have IBS and have now been put on VSL#3 probiotics to see if that helps as I have tried various other things that didn't help and I have just bought the Monash App and put myself on FODMAP as they didn't seem to want me to try that, yet there is so much positive feedback on here for it and I would rather go that route than keep trying out new pills!

The Gynae said that I may have some scar tissue causing female problems but said there is nothing he can do to help :(

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