Hi all, firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR. My reflux is so out of control at the moment, don't know what to do. My chest, throat and mouth feel like they are on fire, tried all the usual things and still taking my medication, but to no avail. I'm so worn out with it, it make me feel quite unwell. Anybody got any ideas I might be able to try????. I'm so desperate to try and sort this, feel very depressed with it all at the moment. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance

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  • Are you having troubles only at night or all the time?

  • Hi ibknox04, it seems to be all the time, mainly during the day is worse. Just can't seem to get it under control this time, been like it for about 4 months now

  • Try not to worry, it can make things much worse. Just relax and take care of yourself. You're having a flareup right now, but it will pass. You just have to find what will make it go away. Try only eating bland foods, and in very small amounts. Make sure that your clothes are not tight, and that you don't lay down for a couple of hours after you eat. Stay away from all sugar and soda, at least until your flareup subsides. Someone suggested aloe juice. I think that would be good to soothe your esophagus and throat. Try some over-the-counter remedies. Make sure that you sleep on an incline of some sort. If these things don't work, talk to your doctor about what you need to do to make the flareup go away. But remember, it will pass. ❤

  • I've had this badly too, none of the otc meds seem to help, sorry you're suffering too

  • When mine gets that bad, the only think which eases it is to live on milk only, with no solid food, for a few days. It can take a few days, up to a week, but that usually works, then I have to live on bland foods for another week or two until I'm sure it's settled. I looked up GERD/GORD on the internet and found a list of trigger foods which I try really hard to avoid. It's very boring but it seems to work- good luck!

  • Hi have you tried ZOTON its very good BUT you cant lie down for an hour afterwords ?

  • I have read that drinking aloe vera juice can be very soothing for inflammation - but I haven't used it myself. 4 months is a while. Sounds like you are regularly eating something that is a food trigger, or that a stress trigger is operating (this can be a person or a situation that you are reacting to on a regular basis). For the food triggers you could try eating something very bland for a few days, like cooked potato and cooked carrot and see if your stomach settles. If stress triggers, try reading this post and see if that helps:



  • Ketogenic diet will solve your reflux issues. Also anxiety wil make your reflux 10x worse.

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