Winding and bloating

Hi guys! I am suffering from IBS with continuous winding and bloating. I have done all the tests and took a lot of medication but nothing seems to work. Currently my social and office life is at risk. I feel completely lost. I have tried a lot of food but nothing seemed to work. I have also tried to use charcoal pads to stop smelling wind from passing out but they never worked. Please help me what should I do to stop the smelling wind which has affected my office work to a big extent.

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  • Sorry to reply to your question with some of my own, but the more info you give, the more helpful we might be.

    You say you've done all the tests and tried a lot of medication, but can you elaborate on exactly what tests you've had done and just what meds you've tried? Also, what does your doctor have to say about your problems?


  • I have done full blood picture tests, Ultra sound tests, videoscope and stool tests. The Dr who told me to undergo videoscope took a sample from my stomach for lab test and told me I had a lot of bacteria in my stomach hence causing lot of gas, prescribed me with mabevelin, domstall and a lot of antiobiotics but nothing worked for me.

  • Do you suffer from constipation or feel as if you haven't completely emptied your bowel even though you've had a bowel movement?

  • Yep constipation is a very big problem too as I can get my poo once or twice a week. Last time my Dr gave me lactose solution to help. When I use this constipation disapears but I feel tired to use medication everyday.

  • Seems to me that your wind and gas probs must be down to the constipation and, although the lactulose helps with this, it's also pretty notorious for causing gas and bloating.

    I suggest you make some major changes to your diet so that it includes a good amount of fibre, plenty of fresh fruit and veg and lots of water to drink. Try to avoid processed foods and fizzy drinks.

    Instead of taking lactulose, try magnesium citrate instead, a lot of people on here use it, including me. You can get it in capsule or powder form at almost any health food shop or online. We all get fed-up taking pills and potions, but it's worth it when they work!

  • Thank you Rosie.

  • Really sorry to hear this. I had exactly the same problems and I understand what you must be going through. My symptoms have improved in the last couple of years through things like the low FODMAP diet and counselling/therapy but as Rosie has said, if you can give a few more details it might help the rest of us give some better advice :)

  • There are so many causes of bloating etc but some of the main ones could be wheat(gluten), lactose(dairy) soy onions and garlic and several other veg plus pulses . Have you tried Fodmaps?

    You can get a brilliant app from Monash University which has a complete list of all foods tested so far and is updated regularly with new ones. It has a traffic light system where you eat only green marked foods for a period of 4-6 weeks to rest your body then you add back in foods by group to see what affects you.Many people on this site have been helped hugely by eating this way. It is not the easy option as it takes a while to get used to all the changes you have to make but is well worth it for many . Good luck

  • Thank you so much. i have the application in my mobile now and i plan to start the diet on 13/02/2016.

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