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Why can't I just be normal?!


So I suffer with IBS and always have it under control,most of the time. My IBS is triggered by anxiety. This week I started a new job. It's a much better job than the one I was in previous and over all I am happy with the change. But I hate change. I like my normality. I like my routines. And the past two days,nothing has been normal for me. My time table has changed and the days I work have changed. I've been feeling OK all night,no anxiety. And then all of a sudden I get cramps and I think it's just wind. Then I need to go to the toilet and it's very loose and frequent. I don't understand why I can't adapt to change like a normal person would. Feeling very low right now. Just want to crawl back to my old job and old routines just to feel normal even though I was u happy there! Can any one else relate?

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Yep I can totally relate. Having just seen my daughter off on her long journey to a new life in Egypt my stomach is full of knots, pain, noises, wind and loose stools. I hate it and I to wish I was normal but I fear this stomachof mine will never change. I made a big change to my diet last May, gluten/wheat free. I am also vegan and veggie. I have always struggled with food. Work is a massive part of our lives and it takes a while to adjust. Change can be good though, find the positives from it and when you feel low think of them. Good luck in your new job. L

Dear Crystal 89. Believe me (as an older woman) there is no "normal". You would be surprised how most people suffer in some way starting a new job and similar ventures. Even just going to a party can be a terrible struggle for some. It's disappointing but give yourself a big pat on the back. You are brave and you've made a huge leap. All will settle. Practice some quiet deep breathing.

Allthe best to you.

Oh yes can relate but you say why can't you adapt like a normal person would You are normal you can't help having this If someone in your office had diabetes or whatever you wouldn't call them abnormal

A new job is always scary and it will affect your tummy Be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to feel better There are IBS relaxation videos on YouTube

I see you can now buy a spray to spray in the toilet bowl before you go and it takes the smell away It's called VIP poo and says it's in the toilet cleaner aisle in supermarkets It might be something you could use at work if that bothers you ?

I think most people with IBS anxiety don't like change I'm sure you will settle soon and feel much better

Don't forget you are one of thousands and thousands of people who suffer you are not alone xx

I too can emphasise with you, every time I think I've got things sorted something happens to throw a spanner in the works. I've also reduced gluten in my diet and cut out dairy and this has helped me a lot. . Nothing can remove anxiety or stress though but I find Yoga can help. . Keep going, you'll get there you've done well so far 💋

First of all I must applaud you for making the change in the first place, you should be proud of yourself! I can relate which is why I've been in the same job 23 years! Fingers crossed in a few more weeks when you are settled into a new routine you will find things settle down. My son started school this year which was obviously massive for him but I was in knots for months/weeks before so much so I ended up at doctors with my anxiety and now on pills to settle it. I hate change and new things. Events that are exciting to most people I dread, I don't look forward to things and find everything a worry.


I think everyone hates change. Normality is reassuring for most of us. I'm not sure "normal people" deal with change that well either. They just express it differently. Try this and see if it makes any improvement: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...


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