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Work advice much needed!

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place-I am unable to work due the extreme severity of my IBS, desperate for money so still applying for (and not getting) literally hundreds of entry level low paid office jobs, not eligible for any financial help (was a student nurse when I became ill) and even if I was offered a job I don't know what to say to an employer and what they have to do to not discriminate against my disability. Does anyone know of anywhere I can go to get practical help and advice on the matters. I am struggling financially but because I don't "tick the boxes" there's nothing. Want to get back into work because the longer I am unemployed the worse it looks but am not fit to work :-(

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Have you tried talking to CAB?


Oh goodness. I really feel for you and understand completely the dilemma you're in. I've been there myself and it's horrible. What have you done so far to help with symptoms? And what are your symptoms?

Mine is/was appalling bouts of diarrhoea (of positively agricultural proportions!!) My stomach gets bloated too. After trying out loads of food avoidance measures over several years and having a colonoscopy, I now eat an ordinary diet but take two loperimide/imodium about half an hour after eating if I have to go out anywhere. This seems to have stabilised me somehow - though I do still get bouts which might last two or three days. Then I increase the loperimide dose. If you could get some stability with the condition itself, then perhaps you could take on a job without feeling you have to explain the IBS?


I'm 28 and have been ill for nearly 5 years now. I have IBS which alternates between D and C, sometimes on the same day! My main problem is with lower left sided pain and dizziness which often leads to me losing consciousness (should point out am on the loo at the time as well!) I feel like I am burning up and sort of disoriented as well. Have tried over the counter painkillers, mebeverine, buscopan, amytriptyline, imipramine, fluoxetine, co-codamol, gabapentin and pre-gabalin. Am now on slow-release morphine tablets twice daily with oramorph (liquid morphine) if needed. Had all the usual tests, x-ray, ultrasound, blood tests, colonoscopy, barium meal and am under a GI consultant, pain specialist and dietician at local hospital. The Oramorph gives me some short term relief but all I am fit for is bed once I've taken it.

I called my local CAB months ago but they didn't really know that IBS can be a disability and said my husband is just expected to provide everything for me, financially and personally. Pretty rude and unhelpful. They said all they could do was advise me how to apply for benefits (even though I told them I wasn't eligible!!). I don't know where else to turn I am in tears just writing about this.


I really do feel for you and the only sloution I can think of is that you try and get work you can do at home, but I know that's easier said than done.

The only other thing I can think of at the moment is that you ask the IBS Network staff themselves about your situation, perhaps they have some answers:

info@theibsnetwork.org or call 0114 272 3253

In the meantime, I'll keep looking and thinking!



the dizziness and disorientation could be caused by your

blood pressure going low , after being on the loo frequently , if you can get a blood pressure monitor you could check this at home when the dizzy spells start.


There was a thread on IBS tales last year. Pretty depressing how hard it can be to get ATOS to accept that you have a debilitating illness, but there might be some pointers on this thread. I wish they would take into account that we aren't shirkers and most have a long work history. I am very lucky that my partner has a good job, but I would rather go to work. As much as we complain about it, I miss being at work and the pay packet that comes with it! :)



Just to add - I had a quick re-read through it and I had mentioned in one post about a charity I volunteer for (Cats Protection) since then, due to having to decline doing things on a couple of occasions when having bad days, one of the committee seems to have decided that I am unreliable and apart from doing phone cover from home, I am never asked to do home visits or vet runs any more. If that is the attitude of someone to an unpaid volunteer...


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