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Alternative / Complimentary Therapies

I am now at the end of my teather. Still trying to get the GP to take me seriously, considering going private! But I am also thinking about alternative therapies, such as reiki, meditation / hypnotherapy even crystal healing. Anyone else tried anything like this andhow did you get on.

The reason I am considering some of these as my symptoms are aggravated by anxiety and several of these are said to help.

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Hi flyinmarty.ive tried hypnotherapy but it didnt help me.im sick of drs thinking that this condition is physcologict.im sure my dr is thinking it now.ive started to get bad pains in the afternoons now not just in the mornings.i cant find anything to help the pain now not even tramadol helps now.i get it wether i eat or not.its really getting me down and i know it can be a vicious circle.i have anxiety but not every day.i have an appointment late november to see my consultant for the results of tests ive had done.


Hypnotherapy certainly helps me I was taught self hypnosis and is really helps try it. Louisa


Hi, I have a councillor who does a combination of person-centred therapy and CBT, but she also does relaxation and breathing exercises, too. I find that this combination really really helps as my IBS is almost completely centred around my stress. She's a private counsellor and I honestly couldn't recommend it enough, if you have the money to spare then I'd definitely go private: this government are making it impossible to get genuine help on the NHS anyway but that's another story. If I were you I'd try a counsellor who specialises in anxiety or even IBS and who can teach you deep breathing/relaxation techniques. Another thing I'd say is that you HAVE to believe in it. For 3 years I went from pillar to post getting no relief from the anxiety, but the second I just went with it and relaxed a little, I really found it helpful. Personally I wouldn't go too alternative with your healing just yet, but it can't hurt to try and most practitioners have a free initial consultation anyway :) Good luck!


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