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Digestive enzymes

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Dear all

I’d really appreciate if anyone has found a digestive enzyme to help reflux, IBS. See below for all details .. if you have time to read!!

I have posted a month or so ago about probiotics , especially alflorex. Well having tried alflorex for 4 weeks I felt it wasnt helping at all. So went back to the multivitamin pill I have been taking for years which has probiotics in along with vitamins.... multibionata. However, on returning to it that gave me the same problems as alflorex... gripes, bloating, churning etc

So decided to stop all probiotics. Guess what my guts felt better than they have in ages. Sounds silly but they almost felt “ dead” compared to before.

But... then the next problem started. I have a lung condition called Bronchiectasis which involves a lot of careful managing and asthma. If my reflux isn’t controlled ( I take lansoprazole 30 daily) I get these awful “ chemical type” fumes coming up, a “ stuck feeling” and my airways worsen. This only usually happens when I take antibiotics for a lung infection and I take extra reflux medication. If not I can get in a real mess with breathing!!

So.... am now considering trying a digestive enzyme . Don’t know anything about them so would be so grateful if anyone could advise me.

Thank you in anticipation of some help!!

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I too have acid reflux and irritable bowel and, having tried just about every digestive enzyme out there, have found that all of them only serve to worsen both conditions. It also takes me several days to recover from the effects. Some vitamin supplements also make matters worse for me.

Sorry, not very helpful really, but just wanted to warn you!


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Thank you that’s very helpful !!

Since posting I read up on side effects and decided not to risk taking any so you have just confirmed that’s the right decision!

Have you looked at a homeopathic remedy for this - just search for acid reflux, heartburn homeopathic remedies or take a look at tissue salts - gentle on the system

Also my friend when she took Alflorex - took her ages for her tummy to go back to the state it was prior - she was really poorly after taking it. I am slowly reducing my probiotics as like you I started to think they made me bloat more

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Thank you Janet for both replies. Yes something to consider homeopathic remedies.

Think we converted before re alflorex didn’t we!

We are all after the same goal of having calm stable “ insides!” Maybe medicine will have the answer at some point... wishful thinking!!

One day ..........!

I use nux vom 6c. It helps with pain

Hello Winter, I have IBS and hiatal hernia. I was on Lanzaprazole 30mg twice a day, for years, until I was informed that I should only use it short term? I gradually weaned onto 15mg, also altering my diet considerably? I struggled and tried Symprove probiotics, which helped and soothed my digestion too. I then learned about Kombucha tea, which.I now make regularly. Eventually I learned about other cultures, like Kefir? I also make this and it really soothes my acid reflux. I use to make it with semi skimmed milk, but now use whole milk? If you cant take milk, water kefir grains can be obtained? I now only take Lanzaprazole occasionally if I have messed up with my food! Hope this helps as you have a lot to deal with.

You might want to try some licorice tea...

Thank you for that blessedway!

You are most welcome...I am so sorry you are suffering...its such a pain...no pun intended

Thank you. Think we all suffer in various ways though. Kind of you to care !

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