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Constant pressure in anus

I have a constant feeling of pressure down in my anus/rectum as if there's something in there. It makes me feel like I constantly need the toilet but it never goes away, even after passing stools. I used to get it infrequently when my symptoms started so it's worrying me that it is there all the time now (I keep worrying that maybe there is something there that has grown over the months which is why my symptoms have got worse).

Does anyone else have this? And if so, what were your experiences?

I am considering booking in to see my GP as I've never had a rectal exam before and wonder if this would be useful?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi kimmy,

If you only had tests fairly recently, it's highly unlikely (in my non-medical opinion) that anything bad has grown so quickly.

The feeling of pressure in your rectum is common to many people on here including me. It can be caused by internal haemorrhoids, a rectocele (prolapse) or stool which hasn't evacuated fully despite your having had at least one bowel movement.

The colorectal consultant I saw told me that stool becomes trapped in the rectocele I have and, several times a week, I have to use either a glygerin suppository or micro-enema to clear it - today being one of those days! The pressure then goes away.

Asking your doctor for a rectal exam might be useful and you could also request a defecating proctogram which will reveal any prolapses and show how your bowel is ctually working when in operation so to speak!

In the meantime, you could try the suppositories for yourself as they are available from all pharmacies and many supermarkets. Micro-enemas can only be bought from a pharmacy.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for replying, Cat! That all makes a lot of sense so thanks for the reassurance.

I have tried suppositories and mini enemas at home previously but they only seemed to effect the last part of my rectum, if that makes sense.

When you say ask for a rectal exam, do you mean a general examination where they insert a finger to examine or with instruments? I am going to call to book in with my GP today to ask as I've never been checked before.

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Since suppositories don't do the trick for you ( and, you're right, they do only flush out the lowest bit of your colon), I think your best bet is a defecating proctogram. It's not the most dignified experience in the world, but it was easily the most revealing test for me. It also showed an intussusception (where part of the bowel telescopes into itself) higher up in my colon and where stool can also get stuck although, fortunately, this doesn't happen to me.

A rectal exam by a GP is usually just done by inserting a finger and feeling for any abnormalities, a colorectal consultant will often insert a small camera as well.

I really do wish you well with this as feeling as if you're sitting on a lump all day is rotten!


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Hi kimmy, I sometimes have this when I have been to the toilet but still feel something there. I take Golden Linseed if I feel constipated so this may be worth a try. I soak a rounded dessert spoonful in around a 3rd of a mug of water for an hour, some people grind the seeds down and then soak.

I would though go back to your doctor and ask if you could have an examination to see if there is anything within your system causing this.

Very best of luck


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Thanks Alicia! I have an appointment with my GP at the end of this month so I'll ask her to check it out for reassurance.


I'm glad you have an appointment and hope that they look at you properly rather than just try and feel if there is a reason why this is happening.

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