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I've noticed a couple of posts mentioning that antidepressants have taken away symptoms like diarrhoea. I am interested to know how many people have tried them and with what success. I can understand how they would help with the distress of this horrible condition and I am considering asking my doctor about them for this reason. If they alleviate symptoms as well that would be amazing but I don't understand how this can work. Looking forward to hearing your experiences. xxx

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I was on Amitriptyline for about 9 months and it did seem to help - don't ask me how it works - but then I must have become used to them and it all started over again! I was on 25mg and they made my mouth really dry so reduced to 10mg.


Did the medication actually stop the diarrhoea dotty 423? So sorry your symptoms returned. That's what I find most difficult, just as you feel better and start having a bit of hope all the horrible stuff comes back. So depressing. x

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I did still get some flare-ups but not so bad. The main thing that has helped me is the low FODMAP diet.


Is this diet better than the Gluten free diet.


Thanks for your reply dotty423. I will look into the low FODMAP diet but is it best to have professional advice with that? I am vegetarian so that makes things more complicated. How often do you get flare ups? Just trying to place myself in this condition, I have bad symptoms about every 7-10 days and I'm not sure whether that is average. x


Hi Amanda,I don't think there's an average with IBS we all suffer differently, I have it every day. Some antidepressants work because there not just for depprestion or anxiety they also work on pain . The one dotty mentioned I tried but it didn't work for me. But they were given to my husband for headaches and work great for him. I think it may be worth mentioning it to your GP.


Thanks Gemini71. Every day! Poor you. I dont, thankfully, have much pain. Just discomfort, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell. I might ask my gp about meds next time I see him. x


Dr Michael Gershon talks about the Brain in the Gut.

This is where most of the chemical Serotonin is produced

This is why anti depressants although the name gives it a uncomfortable feeling , work.

they should call it anti IBS.

It worked for me when I was given them.

The last week has been a nightmare - I have no appetite/diarrhea its so hardd.

I have not been on the antidepressants for a year now nearly.

Follow the topic on this site on Battle of the mind - I just wrote a new one called Battle of the mind phase 2 - and I want to create one by summarising what has worked for many.

Irritable bowel or Irritable breakdown syndrome its one huge dilemma.

I told my doctor to give me the medication again he said its for depression.

I said well it worked last time.

He wrote a script anyway.

So does this mean were all depressed? I guess I must not be truly happy.

Trully happy means not be honest with yourself and others.

I am willing to eat Gluten free for a month and see how I feel.

You know what maybe I have been depressed last month - I lost my appetite and then the IBS came so much. But it came when I had wine and when I had dairy.

So food or depression? Lets get this sorted asap.

We need to be happy.


Trully happy means being honest with yourself and others.


You seem to have a lot of knowledge & insight into these gut issues. The symptoms are so individual. It is really helpful to keep journal. Had diagnosised diverticulitis, perforated gut and surgery. However in hindsight pretty sure i had ibs d for 15 yrs before that.After surgery Great now for four yrs. Had some twinges with nometamucil or too many nuts.

Now scared can't stand to have food in my gut. Bowel feels scrapped after bm. Want not to take antibiotics and afraid to ignore infection that could erode bowel as before. Keep a diary for the long haul.


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