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Help, please

Hi, I found this forum, by googling my symptoms, which are right flank pain (below my right hand side bottom rib, but all the way towards the back, about 4 inches away from my spine) it is a dull sickening pain, sometimes severe, sometimes less severe. I was so happy to find the discussion within this topic forum(IBS) that included people who had very similar symptoms. Then I went to sign up for this website, and it kicked me out of that particular discussion. Now I can't find it. I would appreciate it , if anyone here was part of that discussion, or can direct me on how to find it again. Thank you. I have had the pain for a few years. Had every cat scan done, GI tests ,--nothing that shows what that "pain" is in that exact location. I go to a pain management doctor, because I have spinal stenosis, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia?, etc. TWO weeks ago, my pain management physician injected steroid and lidocaine directly into the specific spot where I have the pain. I had to take her finger and stick it right into the exact spot, to show her exactly where it is. The second she gave me the injection, I felt like crying, out of relief. It is the first time I have been out of pain for about 4 years! I was so happy. Went home, then went to sleep for the night. Woke up 2 hrs. later, with chest pain directly over my heart. I got up to get my phone, hen couldn't because I no feeling in my arms. I looked down and saw both of my arms contorted and bent. I figured that I must have slept in a weird position. I have spinal stenosis in my neck/back, and in the past have woken up with pins and needles in my arms and hands.--which goes away in about a minute--. So, I waited for the re-use of my upper limbs. About 2 minutes later, I regained feeling, and proceeded to call my mother for her to stay with my pets, while I went to the ER. Long story short,couldn't reach her, chest pain subsided, I went back to sleep. Next morning, woke up with no chest pain, but very nauseous, and a lot of gas, burping like crazy after eating anything, often burps produce stomach acid comes up. Burping like I have never heard a person burp. Pain in my right flank was back! SO, now I have had continuous nausea for 2 weeks straight, pain in my right flank is worse than ever, and I' m so nauseous all the time, that if I just think of something gross, I will begin to wretch, and /or throw up. Today, I'm finally going to the ER, but I have no more faith, that they will find anything that will solve this, and worried that they will point to one of my other health issues to explain it away. (i.e., oh, you have reflux, take nexium, etc.) can't deal with this pain and nausea anymore. which show I have some reflux, a small hiatel hernia, ; also have a history or diverticulitis (had it 3 times in past 8 years), have some benign polyps too. I 'm also fairly sure I have IBS, from all the symptoms I have read. but never had a chance to have it diagnosed due to a seemingly endless list of other health problems I have been dealing with, one after another, for the past 9 years. (side-note; my IBS-like symptoms are;-- having to have BM without warning--one minute I don't have to have a BM, then, I could get a cramp feeling one second, and then have exactly 30 to 60 seconds to make it to a toilet, having either diarrhea or soft stool. If I don't make to a restroom in time, it doesn't matter how desperately I try to hold it-- --I don't even know how else to put it. The BM is "unholdable". Other times complete constipation ---I've been on pain meds for a year, but the constip. has been a lifelong problem. There are some instances, where I will get an extreme cramp that indicates I have to immediately find a bathroom within the minute--OR ELSE, and then, if I couldn't make it to a bathroom and tried very hard to hold it, the cramp and the emergency, just spontaneously goes away. , and, I won't have the feeling to "go" for a few more hours. Would appreciate any feedback about the IBS symptoms that I have, as well. Thank you.

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The only thing I can tell you which might be of help is that spinal stenosis can cause IBS symptoms such as you describe, particularly if the problem is below the T12 vertebrae. The condition is called neurogenic bowel, if you Google it there's quite a lot of info out there.

I have stenosis at L2 - L4 and have now been referred to a neurosurgeon to see if he can help, in the meantime, I control my digestive issues very successfully by diet.



What diet changes?


I did the FODMAPs diet just over 3 years' ago which let me sort out most of my trigger foods although, over time, I discovered a few 'safe' foods which aren't 'safe' for me at all - one of them being rice which took me a while to work out.


Your IBS symptoms and possibly others may be helped by FODMAPS. Look up Monash University and download the app. There is loads of advice on that subject on this site


Hi lizzybiz.im so sorry your suffering as you are doing.i cant give you any advice and i hope you find out what it is and get some pain relief.i just want to say,your not on your own now with this forum.we all underdstand how you are feeling.i hope you find help soon.x


Hi lizzybiz I have had lots of problems ibs fibromyalgia bad nerves etc. I have started taking tramadol and the pains in my ribs back and head have gone. I take 100mg twice or 3 times a day. I also take apple cider vinegar for ibs it is really good. Look them up on google. I hope you find the solution for you and get help for your symptoms. x x


Hi Lizzybiz, so sorry you are suffering so much, it could well be all the medication that you take, flaring your IBS, ask your doctor to refer you and have it investigated. I know what you mean about the Doctors and you give up on them, they don't really understand. I am a bit like you have to rush to the toilet and can't hold it.

Lots of things can trigger the IBS. Have you thought about keeping a diary on your bad days, it may help to see what may be triggering IBS . Also a lot of Tablets and medicine have Lactos in it, if you can ask your doctor for Lactos free if possible.

I wish you all the luck and hope you get better soon


Have you ruled out liver problems or pancreatitis or the gall bladder?


Hi Lizbiz: I am so sorry you are suffering so much. I have suffered with pain on my right side for three years. I have been told it's IBS.

I just recently found out that I have Adhesions on both sides of my Colon, it is worse on my right side.

I take 60 mgs of Cymbalta (does nothing for me), I also take Ativan 1 mg of Ativan,one in the morning, one in the evening, then I take Bently 20 mgs, 3 times a day. Bently is for spasms. I hate taking these medications.


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