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Is it all in my head?


A few years ago I was diagnosed with IBS-D, and have managed to keep it under control with my diet. With that came anxiety issues, and stress problems.

Over a year ago I started to get what I can only describe as severe cramp in my back passage, and the pain got incrediblely worse during my period, to the point where it was difficult to go to the toilet because it's to painful to push. After visiting my doctor I was told it sounds like endometriosis, I was sent for different tests and told to loop my pill. Since looping my pill I have had break through bleeding, some which develop in to a full period even though I'm taking the pill (this lasted for 10 days), I also have period pain after bouts of diarrhoea and if I'm desperate for a wee.

I have had a smear, an internal and external ultra sound, blood tests, x-Ray and yesterday I had a sigmoidoscopy, all of these have come back normal (though I am waiting on biopsy results from yesterday) I am seeing my gyno on Thursday who wants me to have a laparoscopy, as she says that's the only way to find out for certain.

My main worry is that the laparoscopy won't show anything either. I feel like people think it's all in my head, and I'm causing the pain myself without knowing it. If it does come back clear I'm not really sure where to go from there!

Has anyone else been in this situation? Has anybody gone through all this tests just to find out it's not endometriosis?

Also, I have just been to the toilet for the first time after the sigmoidoscopy. I haven't eaten much before or after it because I didn't want to upset it and now I have painful diarrhoea and bloating, I'm so frustrated and wish the doctors would find something so I can try and take control.

Thanks for your help,


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Do the bouts of pain last 20-30 mins?.

Or is it always with you? I suffer from Proctalgia Fugax, spelling might be wrong!!! Which I believe is caused by cramping, the pain is unbearable but short lived, I believe it is related to having IBS, Google it, seè what you think.




Hi, I have ibs D and was desperate and willing to try anything, I noticed

a few people were on or had try Amitripyline, now its not for everybody

but with your anxiety maybe you should consider it. Its made a huge

diference to me and it just might help you through this difficult time.

Good luck hope things improve soon.


Hi Knittingplug, when I get the sort of cramp in the back passage it's very fleeting and doesn't last long enough to take pain killers. It is come and go until I go to the toilet. I have seen that online and have considered it, but the doctors have never mentioned it to me.

Hi shirlygirly, I'm actually going to the doctors today to see about this. I was previously on sertraline, so going to see if I can go back on it. I just seem to be letting everything get to me and I can't take control of what it does to my body!

Thanks for your help Ladies x


Hi Emily87 I only take 10mg which is just right for me, some people

complained of feeling muzzy next morning and I felt the same but

after 3/4 days I felt ok and now take it with no problem at all. I do

miss the odd night because I understand it can become addictive,

but Im on such a low dose I doubt that would be a problem. I just

feel so much better, it hasnt solved my problems completely but I

feel more able to cope.

Good luck.


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