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Hi all, please can someone help? I have had ibs - d for a number of years but my gp has not performed any tests and I feel like I've been left to get on with it. I'm confused by what I should and shouldn't be eating and I'm suffering daily now from diarrohea. I have tried Imodium which sometimes works but mostly doesn't but I would rather try to control my symptoms including bloating, wind and nausea through diet or at least with the occasional natural remedy but don't know where to start. Is it safe to take anti poo tablets daily? Which foods are good/ bad? Will exercise help? What is fodmap? And how do I know if my body is getting enough vitamins/ minerals?

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  • Firstly, I hope you're ok and I can sympathise.

    A low FODMAP diet is a good start:

    Spicy, fatty and other types of cuisine such as Indian can cause loose bowel movements in everyone, so I would say avoid stuff like that. Also Dairy and Wheat could be cut out to see if that helps.

    Exercise is always good, as it relieves stress which can be a major contributor.

    Go to your GP and demand blood tests and a stool tests (as it could be a bacteria/virus/parasite)

    All the best for the future.

  • Thanks jacko for the advice. It doesn't seem to make a difference what I eat, but I will certainly try cutting out 1 or 2 things and see if that helps

  • My son had same issues he has finally had an endoscopy which shows elevated white cells. He has something called Eosophilic gastroenteritis and oesophagitis. Look it up. For five months he was ill. It is very poorly diagnosed. See if your symptoms fit and go back to your GP. We use silicoll gel now and Serra enzyme plus acidophilus tablets.

  • Thanx jonj1 I will definetely look this up and go back to my gp if the symptoms fit

  • Hello Kerry my name is Katherine and I am really suffering alir with my ibs-c I was wondering if you could also email me the report about anti-inflammatory diet, do you think it will help me?How can I send you a private message

  • Insist on tests my ibs turned out to be Crohns disease

  • Look up articles on FODMAP on this site as there are loads all offering g good advice . I would start by cutting out onions and garlic, milk and go gluten free and see if doing that makes a difference. You will have to do at least 2 weeks to see if it does. If so then get the app from Monash university site which will further guide you with a traffic light system of food to eat or not to eat and give that a really good trial. It has resolved the problems of many people on this site to some degree or another. The above is a quick way to try Fodmaps without going via the route of dietician referral through GP etc which can take for ever.

  • Have you tried Probiotics? If doctor puts you off and won't do tests, find another doctor! I'm working through the Fodmaps diet but will also be requesting more tests.

  • I have now given up off doctor's support, I think I'd go to a and e if I was you and tell them your health is dreadful, I think doctor's clutch at straws as they don't know why people's bowels keep going wrong. All I can advise is that you have no white bread which is full of sugar, fat and starch which will make your bowel work too much, try going wheat and dairy free, it could help? Good luck!

  • I would try to eliminate some of the common foods a lot of folks have trouble with, or ones you suspect yourself. Coffee, dairy, corn, gluten, anything pre-made, anything processed, anything from fodmaps... Etc. See if that helps. Keep track of everything you eat and any symptoms. If you have a smartphone you can download apps that help you keep track of that sort of thing. Look for patterns. If you get no relief, you may need to do a full blown elimination diet, I found fodmaps really helpful. I did the elimination and reintroduction of foods over months. If you have good medical coverage, it was very useful for me to go to a dietician that specialized is GI disorders.

    As for exercise, I have found that the gentler/stretching yoga classes can help with some of the pain and cramping.

    And get a new gp if you can. There are a bunch of crummy, unsupportive ones. Or maybe ask for specific tests - I found that worked with mine.

  • Hi! I suggest you find a GP that will give you further tests ie Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Coeliac blood test. Then you will know what you are dealing with and if it is IBS you have to experiment to see what your triggers are and then come back to this fab site and we will all try and help you. Good Luck x

  • I used to have ibs. This is how I healed up. Pray god gives you knowledge to help you heal yourself. This is what I was brought to. You need to drink Aloe Vera juice.8oz a day. No more that that. Drink 1hour BEFORE MEALS.this will stimulate gastric juices. Do not eat spicy things. Stay away from dairy. Eat slowly. As slow as possible. This gives time for your natural saliva to start the digestive breakdown in your mouth. The digestive process starts in your mouth not your stomach. EAT GARLIC! Take small bites with food to mask the burning taste. Eat 1 big clove once a day or 2 small cloves once a day. Quit drinking cokes! Period. Eat more soups. Healty soups like Miso soup. You can find it at HEB or Walmart. The Aloe Vera juice.get at GNC. You can choose flavors but perferably take the natural unflavored. Need more help dont hesitate msg me. Start off with this It will help you. Aslo do some research on these things so you can understand what they do. Im writting a pdf.that explains what sone herbs &plants help what ails people these days for the modern western diets. Hope this helps.

  • Hello Rio8. Have you tried Sacchoromyces Boulardii? I recommend it to my Clinic patients especially when they have IBS (D). It seems to calm down the bowel so you're not having so many trips to the loo. They come in capsules and you can take from 1 - 4 daily. SB is a beneficial yeast. Might be worth a try.

  • This is a clear description of the FODMAP diet. It suggests avoiding things that are high in froctoliosaccarides which are bad for a lot of people with IBS.

    Copy and paste the link below into your browser so you can see the list of foods to try to avoid. Different ones affect different people.

    A lot of people cut out dairy first, and then wheat if they need to and then see how they feel. Milk and cream cheese etc. If you cut out wheat you can get oat based cereals to try instead. Or gluten free bread or cereals as a lot of people are sensitive to gluten which is in wheat.

    If you cut out dairy you need to make sure you have enough calcium etc.

    For help in maintaining a balanced diet ask for help from a dietician - the GP practice should be able to help you with that.

    Also read as much as you can on here and join the IBS network that will help too as you will learn and not feel alone.

  • Just realised you worte your post a long time ago not sure why it has come upo on the feed again if it was 2 years ago? I hope you are feeling a lot better now?

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