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Once again advise

Hi all,I bet your sick of seeing me on here.

It's just that I've got an appointment with my Gastrogists on Wednesday,and I don't get to see him to often. My problem being im still no better than I was 10yrs ago,after all there is to have,actually the pain is now becoming more unbearable,mainly in my pelvic area. I have it all day every day until I get to sleep.

Now I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there like me,because I always feel as though they think I'm telling lies. Could it be something other than IBS?

Any suggestions welcolme

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It could easily be something else but the problem is the symptoms can mimic something else. Are you female? If so have you seen a gyn?


Have you tried the pelvic pain forum? Maybe someone there could give some ideas. Worth a try.

Good Luck

Pat x


I have insisted on further tests and exploritary investigations before I will accept I have just IBS, I also have gastritis which doesn't help, I have had blood tests for cealiac, chrons, pancreatic cancer and other things, I have had an internal scan to check all my girlie stuff and I'm going to a scope - once I accept they have truly imvestigated I can then deal with IBS if that is definitely what it is, I am on colofac and following low fodmap diet - which is a bit of a pain but it helps so I will do it, push for more thorough diagnosis - that is what I would do. Good luck x


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