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Advise...thoughts...suggestions please

Hi there, just wondered if I could get some thoughts on what to do next. I have been under the gastro since September 2012. Had celiac ruled out in November. Started myself on FODMAPS in feb and been on it since (bar a couple of mistaken lapses). Still waiting to be tested for SIBO. I am now reluctant to do this until at least July as I have an exam to sit in June and cannot risk a flare up leaving me in a bad state before that.

I think my issue is definately bacterial but also a major sugar problem so possibly hypoglycaemia too.

So my questions are:

1) besides SIBO tests where I have to ingest lactose or sucrose( have I got that right?) are there any other tests that can be done? And what tests for hypoglycaemia?

2) in the mean time should I start taking a probiotic or anything else to get my insides working properly?

ANY thoughts, suggestions are welcome as I have had enough of 'blackout' moments and need to get on with my life sooner rather than later when the DRs finally get around to actually seeing the bigger picture of what is actually going on in me.


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I recently had a SIBO test (result negative) and was given a very strong solution of glucose to drink beforehand which obliged me to spend the afternoon on the loo, so be warned!

You could also have a candida test done although you have to organise and pay for this yourself as the condition isn't recognised by the medical profession. Best website for this is: candidatest.co.uk. I had a positive result from this test and, after following a recommended diet for about 4 months and having a second test done which was clear, my symptoms reduced by about 30%.

Fortunately, the FODMAPs regime works extremely well for me and I now have about 95% control over my IBS-D which is great.

I think some people benefit quite a lot by taking probiotics, but they don't do anything for me apart from helping to empty my wallet!



Thanks Roz, I was wondering if the probiotics would help heal the gut quicker so I don't have to stay on FODMAPS forever.

Fed up of not being able to eat out:-(

Still feeling very tired and foggy brained at times too.... Oh well research continues....

Thanks for the glucose test tip...think I will defo postpone if they send me the appointment soon.


Hi! I tested extremely high for SIBO, it's really not a big deal to take the test. If you are diagnosed, you will take antibiotics, probiotics & gap diet for a month, then fodmap diet for about 3 months. The antibiotics get alot of the bacteria but can't kill it all. So the special diet of Feeding of feeding it things they can't live off of, the rest will die off & the stomach will start healing itself. I really really suggest getting with a naturopath dr that specializes in gastro. My naturopath did more for me in one visit than any specialist. Please know that most people with IBS go un diagnosed & huge percentage have SIBO! The small percent that doesn't , there are more things to check for. This isn't s something to just live with. Something is causing the symptoms.


Can you get a SIBO test in the UK?


Thanks angbri. can i ask where is your naturopath? Can't see how to find out what they specialise in.

Am not keen on taking antibiotics as am sure that's what got me in this state in the first place by killing off the good bacteria, so a naturopath sounds ideal.

Africansheila. Yes you can get this done in the uk. I think you have to get it done via a gastroenterologist as opposed to your GP though?


Thanks Kerry

I have already cut out all refined carbs and lactose. I also seem to have an 'intolerance, to ANY sugar. Thanks for the probiotic info. I saw that one on the web recently but got confused with so many other options. Will try that one for sure! Hopefully by the time I get my appointment for the tests I will have cleared it up:-)

Already started on the vitamins too. I was wondering whether to increase the vitamin c to a higher dose? At the moment I have it as part of a multi VIT which gives me 80mg.

Thanks for your advice:-)


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