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Advise please

Hi everyone, I just new to the group, and finding my way round. I'm looking for help- advise where possible please. I'm 31 years old and suffered IBS for a long as I care to remember. Recently its becoming worse, and I now feel like I'm losing control of my bowel, and can have regular ' accidents' which im sure you know are not a nice experience. Normally I briuh myself down and get on with it, bit I'm now starting to refuse days/nights out in complete fear... Would really appreciate any advise

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Are you under the care of a gastro consultant and have been diagnosed with IBS after excluding other conditions? It's such a horrific condition, I can completely sympathise-yesterday I had the worst day ever with my symptoms and ended up unconscious on the bathroom floor having lost control of my bowels and bladder, in absolute agony. Are you on any medication for your symptoms? I have found opiates the only thing to help with the pain-please don't suffer in silence and do whatever it takes to get support from your doctors, no matter how many phone calls or appointments etc it takes. If you're not happy with your current doctor, change to one who you feel comfortable with and can give you the advice (and prescriptions/tests/therapy) you need to live as full a life as possible. It's sometimes about readjusting your expectations so you don't feel disappointed. It's such an individual condition and everyone finds some things work better than others so don't lose hope!


Hi , than you for your kind words. I'm not no, just my normal doctor although I do have an appt for a scan this week ( and I've had a colonoscopy in the past which didn't offer much guidance ) do you know if I would have to ask to be referred for this ( I also have private healthcare. Yes I take, Audmonal, Buscopan and Loperomide although to be honest I have lost complete faith as when an ' accident happens' nothing at all helps.

You have an a horrific weekend, i do hope you feel better and have lots of support around you. i wish there was a magic wand. Have you tried hypnotherapy this was something I was considering but would really like feedback. Its getting to the point Im just terrified all the time, I try to be strong but its really grinding me down. I suffered an accident today whislt out shopping which resulted in my abandoning the shopping trolley and running out try not to make eye contact with anyone. Ive been so down ever since and think well it can just happen anytime which really frightens me - thanks for coming back to me, I hope you feel better vsoon.



IV SUFFERED WITH IBS FOR OVER 20 YEARS. Have you tried fodmap diet?. iv stopped eating all the following coffee, tea except decaf, wholemeal, onions,garlic,gassy drinks,sultanas mushrroms. all these bring on ibs for me. have taken up pilates and drink more water, and less sugar( sugar in so many foods, bread) also no artifical sweetners often in sweets, cakes biscuits. hope something here helps.

p.s i dont eat cold pasta either. i have been a lot better this last 2months. i take zydol if pain bad and mebeverine before meals. i take normacol as a fibre sunstitute as i exclude veg/fruit peeilings. hope you son find an answer



Hi Grrham, Thank you for your feedback. I haven't tried fodmap diet Ive just had a look at this now, and ill defo be giving it a go. I have real problems with Cream and Dairy products although reading through this, its opened my eyes to trying something new. Thank you very much for this. As always much appreciated :-)


Welcome. Can the doctor offer you a prescription. Only been diagnosed officially last week so I am still learning. Hope you feel better soon.


Yes I have a few prescriptions, although nothing that seems to totally eliminate the problem ( sounds like wishful thinking eh lol ) . thank you and I hope you start to feel better v soon :-) x


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