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Here I go again!


Hello lovely peeps on here, I am currently having another bout of diarreah! Mine appears to be weekly!! I was wondering what your thoughts were on food intolerances ? I mean, when do you experience symptoms of IBS D if you've eaten something you shouldn't have?? Mine always seems to be the next day?? I'm wondering if because I ate chip shop tea last night, is why I'm now suffering with Diarreah, but earlier this mornings bowel movements were absolutely fine? So why suddenly now about 16 hours after eating the food would I have diarreah ( that's if my problem is food related)! - I'm not at all stressed today, in fact have had a lovely weekend, but now I'm suffering a flare up my anxiety kicks in! I suppose then making it 10times worse 😰😰 xx

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Hi, have you been tested for gluten insensitivity? (usually a blood test will confirm this). Usually gluten is found in Barley, wheat and Rye. Also see about getting tested for "dumping syndrome" and "leaky gut". Also, I have heard that following the Low FODMAP diet has helped. Do you cramp alot? Can you try anspasmotics such as Bentyl or Levsin? You take it 30 minutes before a meal..

Flik22 in reply to Eliana5

Hello, I have been tested for cealiac! That came up clear! Haven't heard of dumping syndrome? Will have a google! Do you know how they are tested?? No I don't suffer cramps, just a noisy gurgly bowel and without any warning, diarreah ! Totally gets me down! Which I know doesn't help, I am currently seeing a therapist and on escitalopram!! Xx

Eliana5 in reply to Flik22

Hi, it means when the contents of your food rapidly empty prematurely from your small intestine, so it is not digesting, and immediately goes to your large intestine (rectum) as bile, partially undigested food causing diarrhea. This can be caused by low blood sugar. You would get a low glucose intolerance blood test to confirm this.

Tbf sound like me! I swear whenever I go to the loo For a wee i could always easily poop too!! I don't always get diarreah though, seems to be a weekly thing!! I have recently had my blood sugar tested (in my 40yr old health check!) that was all normal!!? Xx

Hi, Flik22 - I had suffered from chronic diarrhea for YEARS and YEARS. Then, I found a doctor who gave me a prescription drug called "Welchol." It still all diarrhea in it's tracks! I take 3 pills twice a day and that's it. It's VERY expensive here in the States, though, so now my doctor is switching me to a drug called Colestid (aka: colestipol). It's supposed to do the same thing. Hopefully, that will be true. It's MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE, too.

My IBS seems to always be in the morning. I eat any breakfast ( doesn’t matter what it is) and within minutes I am running, sometimes seconds, sometimes before finishing! I guarantee that every single morning this will be my routine without fail. I get that powerful, sudden, sharp twang of pain, immediate pressure at the anus area and It is so watery that sometimes I don’t make it from one room to the other.

Now, having said that. I know it’s every morning right after I eat, but I refuse to let it change my life so I eat and deal. I might go three times or so before it’s over, usually within an hours time but all are urgent, watery, and usually the last one will be the explosive, cramps, sweating and a little nausea.

After my one to two hour delay I am pretty good to go. On occasion I get it at other times too but usually only if leaving or going to an event and that’s pretty much anxiety induced.

I take it with a grain of salt now days. It is what it is, I am who I am and I have IBS.

The only time I get down is if I soil my pants! It’s pure embarrassment and my self esteem goes out the window. I pull myself up and get on with my day, I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else, just my pride and that goeth before a fault!

Good luck everyone

Flik22 in reply to torcol

Thank you for your reply! Mine just comes out of the blue!! I can have normal bowel movements in the morning, think I'll be ok, but oh no!! it completely scares me to go too far from home as I don't have any warnings or anything! I tend to stock up on immodium if I want to go anywhere too far!! I too have had accidents in the past and it's totally soul destroying! Luckily I was at home, if ever it happened out in public I don't know what that would do to my already existent anxiety!xx

torcol in reply to Flik22

I can sooo relate, I have had three times that I actually “ lost it” in public and by the time I get to the car I am in tears and my mouth hanging open in dismay! Oh well, I surely can’t help it, no one wants that embarrassment but I go out again and hope for the best. I’ll give you this though, I do not eat out at All!! I was having a lower right pain for a while, off and on and always exact same place, low, almost in pelvic area but a little higher, in the side area. Finally had a physical, ultra sound and female check up. Nothing. So, after months and months of this periodic pain I realized it was right before a bowel movement crept up or I had to pass gas! Now I am relieved because it’s kind of a heads up. If I start getting that pain I don’t stray too far until I have had my bout and then the pain disappears! I inquired to my dr if gas or stool can cause pain in the same spot every time. She stated that it depends on where in the intestine it gets trapped but definitely could be in that particular area. So, long story short I am one that feels better knowing it’s the IBS and nothing more sinister. Good days, bad days, it’s all hood😊👍

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