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Pelvis problems related to IBS?

Hi everyone,

I recently had pains for 2 weeks which I assumed was just another IBS attack but then I started getting period like pain which is odd as I don't have periods with the pill I am. Anyway I went to the doctor and they had a feel around and a certain point was painful but this was around the intestines region. So I did a urine test which showed I had a pelvic infection which is why I was feeling pain lower down. She said bad bacteria from the gut could have got into the pelvis. Anyone else experienced this with their IBS?

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Yes! Take colloidal silver!

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Thank you! Is this available for health shops?


Absolutely - make sure it's high quality. Argentyn 23 is best.


Thank you! Is this available from health shops?


Please read about this before taking it, there can be serious side effects.


If you have P.I.D you need further investigations. Even if you don't want or already have your familly. The pain from IBS and P.I.D together can be debillitating and cause adhesions which will cause alsorts of problems for your bowels, mine was stuck to itself, my ovaries and my backbone, it seriously compromised my fertillity, which of course I only found out years later when I could not concieve. I've recently started taking Silicol which is a natural substance that soothes your stomach and bowel and has no known side effects.


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