Dicycloverine Hydrochloride tablets for IBS C - has anyone had any success with this medication?

I have been having a flare up of IBS. Mebeverine and Peppermint Capsules no longer seem to work for me so my GP has given me Dicycloverine 20mg. The main feature of my IBS is sluggish bowels and abdominal distension. It seems all the air in my colon stops things moving along. Just wondering if anyone has had any success with Dicycloverine? I'm a bit reluctant to try something new, but then again I can't get much worse! Also, do you take it before or after a meal? Thank you.

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  • Hello, sorry I have no good advice for you, but my symptoms sound similar and so I would be interested in whether you get some success with dicycloverine. My usual methods of getting some success have began to fail after 12 months of success and I'm having flare up after flare up with only a day of feeling normal. Although flare ups seem to be the new normal.

  • I have found the dicycloverine reduce my abdominal distension, although not get rid of it completely, less distension has meant slightly better bowels (I take laxido 2x daily as well) . I think I'am having side effects from the tablets though so maybe my GP will take me off them (she wanted to review me after 2 weeks). I have been experiencing dizziness after eating and blurred vision (like postprandial hypotension), so if it doesn't settle then I'll stop taking them. about to give magnesium supplements a try...

  • Hello Pink87' that does not sound good at all. Keep posting with how you get on and I hope you feel better soon. I've just started taking magnesium. I read somewhere if you take too much, the worst symptom is diarrhoea, bring it on!

  • I took Dicycloverine for while and found it did help the pain but I also felt dizzy and had blurred vision when taking them. I halved the dose and the dizziness stopped but I was never very happy with them. Kolanticon Gel also contains Dicycloverine and I find that is a more effective way of taking it.

  • I have been told I have sluggish bowels. I take the max amount of senna s - OTC, alone with some herbs and RX Linzess and and still cannot go regularly. It makes my stomach hurt so bad or my bowels hurt, I don't know. Been going on now for about 4 years. I am going to read about dicycloverine.

  • I've had no joy with senna, fibrogel or suppositories either. Flaxseeds worked for a while, but no lounger.

  • my doctors put me on Dicycloverine it has been helping a little, he told me to take 15 minutes before eating and if it was bad could take 2 but gonna try it a bit longer and see how it goes .

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