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Can lactose-free milk cause diarrhoea?

Hi everyone, feeling at the end of my tether at the moment,I've had an awful flare-up with a lot of low abdominal pain which has been going on for well over a week, as soon as I eat anything approaching a meal again I need to go to the loo afterwards, very loose with "floaty",bright brown/dark yellow stools(sorry)I also have a cold and slight cough , my urine is darker than usual first thing ,been trying to find a trigger and the only thing I can think of is that I switched to lactose-free milk a couple of weeks ago, it's starting to taste a bit too rich and creamy now. I know there's nothing serious(had colonoscopy, endoscopy and barium follow through last year, had a dummy capsule 10 days ago and am waiting for the real video capsule thing, all because of elevated Calprotectin levels of 250) but I feel nauseous, abdomen is very sore and distended, I feel like something the cat dragged in and I don't know where to turn. Sorry for the moan, my Husband is totally p****d off with the whole thing and me! I don't know how to control the symptoms let alone find the causes.

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Hi I can't be off much help but to empathise with you .My husband the same I have chronic IBS and he's P****d off with it all aswell. I have KO KO milk and lactose free yogurt but I don't think it makes much difference,I've tried every which way I can and still no change. When I find a cure I'll put it all across the Internet lol. I know no laughing matter. I suppose you've just got to experiment with different foods. Good Luck.


Thanks Gemini for your warm response, phoned the Practice Nurse at my Doctor's surgery who said it sounded like a HUGE coincidence that my IBS D symptoms started after I changed to lactose -free milk and gluten-free bread( which I loathe).She'd never heard of the FODMAP diet and was a bit iffy until she realised I'd been told to try it by a Gastro.and a Dietitian. She suggested I revert to ordinary skimmed milk and ordinary bread and see if my symptoms subsided, she also made an appointment for me to see my G.P.next Tuesday if they persisted which is great, normally have to wait over a month to see a Doctor of my choice.I'lllet you know how things progress.


I agree with you on that aswell,gluten free bread is terrible. My GP thinks the fod map diet rediculuse because it's so restricting. But I do like KOKO milk so I'll stick with that. One problem I have is every time I eat I go to the loo,not D but the more I go the worse I feel. But I wish all the luck in the world. Do keep in touch.

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Gluten free bread has ground psyllium husks in it and this is one of the reasons I can't eat it because it gives me diarrhoea. You need your gastro guy to refer you to a NHS dietician. They are they only ones who have been trained in FODMAP issues. Dr's on the whole know nothing about it as yet. I am doing ok at the moment with Silicolgel, but it is expensive. But when one is desperate we will try anything. It appears to be a natural product and this I like.

Hope I have been of some help. I do understand all you are going through.


This is very interesting and really helpful,Ceal:I have actually seen a Dietitian recently and she suggested the lactose-free milk and FODMAP diet but was very gung-ho about it.I'm not due to see her again until April but will try to make contact and explain my problem. What is Silicolgel,please?Many thanks for replying, it's good to know that others understand.


hi sounds awful. best to get back to doc. about your current symptoms. have you tried normacol a natural fibre and darker urine usually cos of lack of water. drink more water for sure. i find buscopan helps with distended belly as well as heat. ask your hubby to help fix this. he will probbaly at least be more sympathetic if he cant. stop the milk in any case.it might not be the lactose but just milk.

hope you soon improve.

fellow sufferer



Thanks very much for replying, Graham,I've stopped both the milk and the gluten-free bread so fingers crossed...Have an appointment to see my Doc.on Tuesday, I'm finding that no-one medical ever offers advice about how to treat the symptoms ,we just have to slog on feeling unwell...I take Spasmonal as an anti-spasmodic and my lovely DIL bought me a wheat pad for Christmas so that's become a permanent fixture! Haven't tried Normacol,will check that out. I usually drink loads of water as I had renal cancer 6 years ago(all clear now),but it does seem as though I need to drink more.

Really appreciate the support of you guys on the Forum, I feel less of a freak and a hypochondriac now.


This the link for Silicol gel



Cheers Ceal,it looks good, thank you.


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