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Constant diarrhoea

Sorry if this is TMI but I'm at my wits end. Iv been having diarrhoea constantly since giving birth 7 months ago. Had a third degree tear so was given laxatives but my poo has never gone back to normal. Iv asked my doctors twice now and they send me for bloods and it shows nothing! I'm really starting to get down about it now and I'm getting really bad stomach/back pains and general constant tummy pain. Can anyone help me? Doctors seem to fob me off everytime I ask.

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I don't know what would be causing that, but they should at least do a stool test for infections/refer you. Have you tried a different doctor? Do you ever have black, tarry diarrhoea?


Iv tried two different doctors at my practice and have also spoke to my midwife (been happening since I gave birth) and see said the same about a stool test. Doctor thinks it's too early but it's been 7 months. Yes sometimes it is tar like but not regular


Hi. I have had this more or less the same as you,my wife and I did a food diary,and we found the culprit was cereal at breakfast,I wish you good luck with it


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Thank you Colin, I shall try do the food diary :)


Hi Ibs can be a bit trial and error. Maybe push to be referred for a scan to check all ok after your birth. I'd recommend taking a good probiotic for overall health and starting a diary to see if it is related to any foods you are eating like wheat or dairy. Are you having any other symptoms? X


hello, iv told that doctor that it's been happening since birth and because I had a third degree tear he said it was because my muscles will take time to rejuvenate. It's been 7 months now though. I have really bad stomach and back pain when I need to go to the toilet but I have a constant pain in my lower back. Don't know if they are connected but it's only since its happened. My toilet isn't quite normal either (sorry if tmi). Thank you for your advice x


I think it does take time to get our body back after baby. I'd suggest as before a probiotic, a good multivitamin, magnesium is supposed to be great I use a spray as magnesium deficiency can cause so many problems. I guess hard to say what the problem may be sometimes we have to trial and error a few things. X


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