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Diarrhoea after stressful event

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Hi all

I'm really struggling this week as I've been suffering stomach pains and bad diarrhoea. However what's puzzling me is that it's happened at a time when I should be more relaxed. I was acting in an amateur play last week and was getting very worried about it. However despite being nervous I was fine during the week. Now it's over I seem to be suffering really badly with my stomach. I don't know if it's a delayed reaction or what but its making me really fed up as I dont normally suffer for days. Anybody else had a similar experience?

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I sometimes feel like diarrhoea/ and the pain of wanting to go can be suppressed /repressed so in the aftermath of an event it can all literally come out then. It is incredibly difficult to manage and it's amazing that you did so well to get through the play etc. Respect to you. Maybe it will settle down a bit in the next couple of weeks..

I get this all the time. I generally seem to manage stressful things, but then a couple of days or so after my IBS will be terrible and I usually get a lot of pain as well as the diarrhoea. Sometimes this will then continue for a couple of weeks. I have always just put it down to a delayed reaction somehow- my body just “letting it all out” after an event. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Occasionally after an event or holiday I can have the same problem . Just eat a very bland diet until it settles down, toast, plain mashed potato, fish and rice or chicken little and often. And plenty of water or green tea or ordinary tea. I tend not to take imodium and just let it run its course. It could be an infection and not ibs sometimes it's hard to tell. I hope it settles down soon if not go to the doctors .

Sometimes we can get upset stomachs like anyone else, eat a bland diet, drink mint tea and take some probiotics

You could try taking some enterosgel too

Thank you I will give that a try as I have never taken enterosgel before.

Thanks all, I don't think it's an infection as I have no other symptoms like sickness. I will see how it is come the weekend and then I may have to see my doctor. It's just frustrating as I never have an attack for more than a day or so normally but it's been nearly 4 days now.

In my experience its usually down to what youve eaten or drunk. Alcohol and fizzy drinks are a real no no. Did you celebrate the end of the play with drinks?

Diet also. Follow the low Fodmaps diet and try cutting out all dairy. You have to check all ingredients for milk, whey and lactose. If you haven't tried cutting it out before Try it for a couple if weeks. It can make such a difference. Big no no...fizzy drinks and for an irritated gut, no fruit for a week. Good luck.

I did have a couple but I tend to be ok with things like that, I certainly did not drink to excess which is what always upsets my stomach. Even if it was alcohol that normally only lasts a day or so at the most and this is nearly 4 days now.

I will certainly watch what I eat the rest of this week.

I second the fodmap diet. If you continue to get diarrhea for longer spells you can ask your GP to refer you to a fodmap trained dieititian to find out if you have any fodmap intolerances. This cured my IBS-D, even during times of stress.

Yep- I hold it together for the stress and then the fallout after. Ha!

I am familiar with this too. I was taught that the mind body connection is really important to understand. Every thought creates a physical response. It's amazing how we can manage the stress event and have the symptoms sometimes days later. I learned that in such circumstances our emotional 'pot of energy' gets drained. The subconscious then pulls in energy from what we normally use to top up the core energy, and that is where the problems happen. If we tend to do it to often there is another sequence of events that basically stops us in our tracks. It sounds like your mind and body are slowing you down, giving you time to recoup your energy levels. While we don't like it, it is a sign that our subconscious is looking after us. I hope this helps.


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