Celevac anyone?

Does anyone have any experience of methyl cellulose - I think it's called celevac? I have to take laxatives and struggle with all of them. Fibogel is no use and Movicol has it's drawbacks even though it works - I end up with the runs after a few days on it despite reducing the dosage. I'm wanting to try another bulk softener (have tried Normacol but it gives me horrible cramps) and I need some advice. Diet/exercise don't make a difference to me since I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, so even though I am good with both, I need help!

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  • Hi Binks Google it and see if it will agree with you.

  • Thanks Gemini. I will google, it but just wondered whether anyone had any experience of it. I'm taking Movicol in small doses (half a sachet) every night, and after a week I get horrible bloating and diarrhea. I stop taking it for a couple of days, go back to being constipated and then the whole cycle starts again. I hate it.

  • This is a bulk forming laxative as opposed to an osmotic laxative .bulk formers don't suit me but an osmotic like lactulose is ok . Might be worth trying an osmotic rather than a bulk former

  • Take care with lactulose - it is a fermentable carbohydrate and can make IBS worse see here for some information on IBS medications for constipation - a few new ones have been developed recently.


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