Ibs pain Relief help

I've had such bad pains today, it doesn't matter what I take it hurts so much I want to cry!

Dr gave me colofac but doesn't touch the pain, I've tried buscopan and buscopan cramps, paracetamol, ibuprofen and today co-codamol.

I've not been able to drive today due to the pain is so bad.

My husband has finished work early so my little one can still go to swimming lessons.

I've got a really high pain threshold but this is killing me

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  • Is there an NHS walk in centre or urgent care centre you could go to? Or perhaps your GP out of hours service could help? Please don't suffer in silence-I know how bad the pain can be but there are things that can help. Also, if you haven't already been referred, perhaps a pain management consultant could help devise a strategy and medication advice so you know you can cope when the pain is really bad. Good luck x

  • I sure can sympathise with you but that's about all I can do because I'm in the same pain. I take co codomol but it just takes the edge off. I've tried most drugs and I've yet to find one that works. I'm like you I have a high pain barrier,but sometimes it gets unbearable . I once went to AE because of the pain but it's only short pain releif . So my thoughts are with you tonight, try and just sit back and relax. Big Hug x

  • Hi there,

    I really feel your pain, I had an attack the other day.

    I tried Tramacet- amazing as it worked wonders.

    Maybe ask your DR.

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