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IBS-C pain advice needed

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Hello everyone

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS-c with back pain being the pre-dominant symptom. Buscopan does relieve the excruciating pain I get . Movicol sorts out the constipation but what I'm wondering is , is it possible to help the pain by helping the condition by diet?. Your advice and experiences greatly welcomed as feeling confused.

Many thanks and happy new year. X

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This is a shot in the dark but try magnesium supplements. Check the ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have added vitamin d. It’s fairly cheap so it’s worth a shot and you’ll know if it works within a few days. Best of luck

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misty14 in reply to gurgleguts

Thanks gurgle guts I will . I'm going to the chemist today. Have you tried them yourself?. Will keep you posted. X

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Kilgh in reply to gurgleguts

Why can't it have the Vitamin D?

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gurgleguts in reply to Kilgh

Vitamin D can give you constipation so it will counteract the effects of the magnesium

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Kilgh in reply to gurgleguts

Good to know. Thank you.

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misty14 in reply to gurgleguts

Thanks for that gurgle guts. Have managed to buy some so am trying it!. Has it helped you?. Love your name by the wayX

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gurgleguts in reply to misty14

Its helped me but I only use it when needed. On the bottle it will probably advise taking them daily. I would only use them for a couple of days or as long as it takes to sort you out. Any prolonged dose of anything isn't good for the system as your body gets used to it and it becomes less effective. Personally I take them for roughly 3 days and then take a break from them and its made the world of difference. Before taking them I was waking in the night with stabbing pains and was even struggling to tie my shoelaces etc. If they dont work for you, try a different brand. I use a brand called NU U. I also tried some very expensive ones and they weren't much good.

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misty14 in reply to gurgleguts

That's great advice gurgle guts.Thanks so much. I've taken one pill and it's definitely taken the pain away. It does say one a day and I agree re only take when needed . X

I take magnesium citrate. Its certainly been keeping bowel movements the best they've ever been and hence ive come off stool softeners like movicial. However, for all these helpful potions be aware of not using long term. I was on laxido for years but it made my gut sluggish and can give permanent damage.... I know as this is my scenario. Also can mag and aloe vera. There is no easy answer. Watch your back ... ive ended up with permanent damage and now walk with a stick. Its painful. Try straightening your spine and muscles to keep them safe.... for example yoga or Pilates. Wish somebody had told me years ago. It all helps. As for diet ... unfortunately thats trial and error. I think all ibs sufferers wish they knew the answer. Not one size fits all. However keep a good intake of water if you've got constipation. Hope some of the suggestions you get will help you overall. Take care .

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misty14 in reply to dipsy14

Thanks dipsy for your good advice. I'm sorry you have paid a big price from taking stool softeners over the years.its galling not to be told. It's such a tough juggle when we're only trying to make life bearable with these problems. I have an arthritic condition as well so do Pilates exercises for my back and I walk with a stick already. IBS is so difficult to treat and cope with, it's been a bit left out I feel for new treatments /research. I appreciate your reply and hope your coping with yours at the mo. This time of year isn't easy for anyone with bowel problems. X

Beware of psyllium husk. Psyllium husk does help with constipation but there's a hideous catch. Psyllium husk creates a gel that traps food and prevents it from being absorbed. You will be malnourish for this reason if you used fiber long term. If you decide to use fiber, then take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement.

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Thanks for your good advice m7m. Will keep it in mind if I use the husks. Hope your IBS is behaving at the mo.

Low FODMAP may help. Also, linaclotide helps both constipation and pain (takes up to 10 weeks to see the maximum effect on pain).

Low FODMAP diet slightly helped my pain (from 9/10 to 8/10), but helps other sufferers a lot.

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misty14 in reply to Hans7

Hi hans, thanks for your good advice. Did wonder whether the low Fodmap diet could help. Do know about it thru a friend. Will also make a note of that drug. I'm sorry the pain didn't go down very much for you. It can be excruciating can't it?. Have you tried buscopan?. Do hope your coping with it now, difficult time of year this is. X

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Hans7 in reply to misty14

I tried almost everything in the last year, buscopan too. Right now on antideppressants (mirtazapine) and mebeverine. Gives some relief but the pain is still there. I also find a protein&rice based diet helpful in my case (not healthy though). Ask your GI about linaclotide and download the Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet App, it's worth every penny.

Best of luck for both of us ;)

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misty14 in reply to Hans7

Many thanks hans for your helpful reply. It's hard isn't it that IBS is such a difficult condition to treat and live with.?. Intetesting we're all different as I didn't find Mebeverine helpful but my mum does like you do. Buscopan is definitely helping as is magnesium too but you have to be careful as it can cause diorhea!. The great juggle we have to do. I'll look at the App too thanks. Hope this new year is as IBS free as possible for us both. 😊

Hi after 20 years of ibs been free except one day for a month now

Usually have it 2 dusts a week or more.

Things that help constipation and back pain I find are

Low fibre diet avoid sultanas spicy foods mushrooms onions shrimps

Cabbage cauliflower fizzy drinks lager

Lots of water at least 2 pints a day some tea little coffee

Walking yoga can help a lot

Laughing too

A little wine I like ginger wine

Paracetamol never ibrufen . Codeine if pain bad in back groin hip

Avoid painkillers each day

Hot water bottle helps

Sleep it off wth painkiller n hot water bottle

Symptoms change over time I find

Been eating a lot of no no foods over Christmas and no ibs

Seek happy thoughts and forgive those who gave hurt us can name a big difference

Talk to doctor about amytriplin or other drug which filters out brain messages to gut triggered by stress or unhappiness

I'm much encouraged after years of suffering

Exercise us really good even walking can free up pain and calm bowel spasm

Never give up. Sometimes I say s d it I'm still going out and doing what I planned golf etc often helps and can give some relief as Brian busy with concentrating rather than sending pain signals .

Prayers help too I find



Good tips there!

Thanks George for your great tips. It must feel wonderful after 20 years of suffering to only have IBS one or two days a month!. I will go thru them, the foods I don't eat and I do need to stress less. It's not easy when I have other things wrong , can't exercise enough but I will do my best to juggle it. It's perfectly true, symptoms do vary which does make it harder to live with but heartening too that it's not in a set groove. Happy new year to you. All the best.

Hi amytriplin can cause constipation in some folks

Low dosage may help a bit but can make getting up for work hard

I used to take but 7pm one tablet

Think after awhile they don't work

Myrbentol can help too

Just have to keep trying things

Unhappiness at work or in relationships can make ibs very bad

Hope 2019 is a year of good health for you

Kind regards


Just remembered rupertrules was our cavalier

My old cat too all help reduce stress always unconditional love from our pets

I so agree with you George about reducing stress and pets are a wonderful way. Was Rupert a King Charles spaniel?. How old is your cat?. I love them and miss mine. She lived to 18 years old, a good age and it's nice to be needed!. I Thanks so much for your great tips and good wishes. I'm already on Amitriptyline for another condition at a higher dose. I've just been trying magnesium which really has helped. Got to be careful of it as it can cause diorrhea!. Maybe one you could try if you get it more often. I hope you don't in 2019 and it's as IBS free as possible. 😊👌🏻X

Hi misty

Yes Rupert was my wife's King Charles cavalier

Nearly 15 when we had to have him put down

Very hard as we were on holiday at the time and my daughter

Had to deal with it.

Jojo the cat was 12 when we had yo adopt her as my bro in law died

Amazingly they got on OK . Jo became my shadow falling asleep I'd wake up to find her on my chest!

Broke my heart having her put down 19 years old and dementia

And bad hip.

We now have two brother cats adorable

Rescued from by rspca from motor tyres.

Our little boys now.

Ibs not once now for a month despite sultanas, beer n coffee

Hope you can say goodbye to it in 2019

Happy new year

Hi graham

Glad you've got two rescued cats looking after you now. They become such a big part of our lives that it must have been so tough losing your King Charles and Jojo!.

Well done with no IBS over Xmas as season is such a testing time for it. Bet you enjoyed the treats. Hope it continues for you. Mine suddenly reappeared yesterday but thanks to you have good extra weapons to fight back!.

Happy New Year.

Thankyou for your advice and tips

Excellent post / advice Geoerge

Low fibre diet? I'm so confused by fibre. My diet is full of it...roast orange vegetables, green smoothie...

Any advice on fibre would be great as my guts are in a knotted mess.

Spell check a nuisance read brain fir Brian and days for dust typos

As I mentioned on that other post...hard poos can push on the sacral nerve which causes back pain in chronic constipation. So maybe Pregabalin or Amitriptyline could help?

The pain is caused both by faulty nerves creating erratic peristalsis (essentially spasms) and by damaged sensory nerves causing, you guessed it, PAIN. When you put pressure on a damaged nerve you can only get one thing: pain. Here is an article that tries to explain IBS and proposes a cure: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

You have put a lot of thought into this. My rebuttal would be that very healthy people from all walks of life get it. There is a forum for body builders on it. Those guys are nutrition experts but still get it. And a lot of people with horrible diets never get it. Can you imagine how many people in India would suffer with it if it was just poor nutrition? But they don't have a higher rate than any other country. Therefore I believe there has to be a genetic predisposition.

Thanks m7m for your impressive, comprehensive reply and helpful info. You have done a lot of research and I guess been a sufferer a long time or you have medical knowledge!. I do agree re nerves as I've read that our guts have some of the most number of nerves in our bodies. I also have neuropathy elsewhere and other nerve problems so why not have bowel nerves affected also!. I have an immune illness and our guts are also the biggest part of our immune system never mind being our second brains!. So with all that going on it's not surprising we can run into trouble!. It's absorption of vitamins and minerals that's vital and as you rightly say when it's not working properly we are malnourished and can get ill with other illnesses as well as a worsening of IBS. If only more was known about it. I hope 2019 brings fewer attacks for you .

I find pro-biotics help me a lot. Also look at your diet. I have discovered that I cannot eat: rice. bread. red and green peppers. avocados. meat. They all bring on an attack. I get probiotics from Vitacost.com. Excellent company and good prices.

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misty14 in reply to 5catlover6

Many thanks catlover for your helpful reply. I'm getting a lot of help from magnesium and buscopan( not together) and don't eat avocados and peppers and restrict bread but can always do more. Thsnks too for the probiotics firm. Glad you've found it to be so helpful. Hope your IBS is behaving at the mo. P.s love your name. X

The Fodmap diet should definitely be started via a Fodmap registered dietitian. Yes, there is an App, but for the initial elimination you really need expert guidance, it really is NOT a diy job as you could easily end up malnourished.

Good luck



I have had IBS C all my life even as a baby i was always being taken to the dr as i wouldn’t go( if u know what i mean)....

I mean right up to about 4 years ago i would go once a week and then b in agony...

Always ate pretty healthy, was slim, there was no reasoning behind it OR SO I THOUGHT..

So i ended up in hosp after not goin for two weeks and was in immense pain... after they eventually got me to empty i was sent to a gastro...

She diagnosed candida which i prob got from antibiotics plus they thought a intolerance but what to we didnt know...

So i went to a nutrionalist who does intolerances( private) and i was intolerant to bread and gluten...

I gave that up that very day and within 2 weeks i was normal... i go everyday now ...

They say yeast and gluten clogs the bowel and some people just cant digest .. i also noticed red meat is a no no for me to....

I also take peppermint oil cap, probiotics and a good digestive enzymes just breaks food down and keeps a healthy digestive system

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