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unbearable IBS pain with nausea


I've had IBS-A my whole life and today it is so bad the pain is unbearable and the more I poop the worse it gets. I can't really cope with this it has ruined my life and today it one of the worst along with it I feel like puking. I wanna die

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Hi Casharrian,I know how you feel. I have the same symptoms when my IBS flares up,people think your lying when you say you are in so much pain. It has ruined my life too,so scared to go anywhere in case it flares up. Been off my work with it too and my employer doesn't understand how severe it is. Hope you feel better

Casharrian in reply to senga11

It's just awful how a little thing like going to the bathroom can be hell, I hope the best for you too

It is so hard to cope with............but you are not alone. You are one of the first people that has said they also suffer with feeling nauseous. I thought I was weird. I know, even going out means you have to plan where the loos are on your journey. Fibregel used to help, and Mebeverine eased the spasms, however, now I am not taking anything. I eat SMALL meals and that really does help....the 'faddy' diets didn't help me at all. Had all the tests (more than once). For me the real help has been to eat little and when I want to. That advice was given to me by a Consultant and I have followed it to the letter. (Giving up certain foods just exacerbated the problem.) Whilst I am not cured - it is manageable now. I do wish you luck, I know how miserable it can be having had it for a lifetime (and I am now retired.)

Thanks for the advice I will definitely try to eat smaller portions and ask my doctor about mebeverine

My heart goes out to you - I was diagnosed in 1996. I agree with senga11 in that people do not realise the amount of pain you can suffer with IBS. I have been bent over the sink before double up and not knowing what to do with myself. Just a quick question though, what is IBS-A? I tend to err on the side of IBS-C but can sometimes, although very rarely get IBS-D which I think if the worst one.

I have also felt nauseous with mine but luckily not too often as I suffer from Emetaphobia - fear of sickness. When I get the nausea I take a travel sick tablet and find that they do help a fair bit.

I would certainly go with what tansy-ann8 is saying below.

I really hope you feel better very soon.

Kweh123 in reply to crazyfitness

I have emetaphobia too! I get nausea every morning with my IBS and if I eat onion or garlic I will have an episode the next day where I feel like I'm going to puke and it comes out of nowhere! It's so awful especially when you have this phobia like we do.

I too would like to know what IBS-A is too. Perhaps it means anxiety?

Casharrian in reply to Kweh123

Finally someone else who has emetophobia! And ibs-a means alternate so sometimes I can go months with having constipation and then suddenly it'll change to having looser stool or worse cramps

Thank you for explaining what IBS A is, bit like me really but I do have more constipation rather than diarrhoea, which unfortunately I have tonight and have just had to rush off to the toilet again and along with that the nausea. Don't know whether it's a bug or IBS!

Emetophobia is one of the worst things I have ever had, I so wish I was one of those people that could just be sick and get on with it rather than worrying about it. I also worry when there is a bug around thinking I am going to get it.

Someday maybe there will be something for this awful illness, I certainly hope so.

Best of luck to you all on here.

Kweh123 in reply to crazyfitness

Emetophobia is horrible but I feel like it's just natural for me as I've had it for so long but it's annoying how people act around me as they feel like I'm irrational about certain things but to me it's normal. Why wouldn't you try to avoid sickness?

I do wish I was like the average person though as it would be nice not to wash my hands all the time and not worry about going out for a meal (IBS has made that a lot more worse now due to having foods that trigger me). But winter time is the worst as I'm so scared someone is going to puke around me or I fall ill due to catching norovirus. I can't wait for the summer to come back so I can feel safe again x

Casharrian in reply to Kweh123

I wish I could not fear getting sick as well and I love winter weather but I'm also paranoid about getting sick sick, I always feel bad not eating food people make me cause I'm worried I'll get sick

Kweh123 in reply to Casharrian

I love winter too and I had no idea about norovirus until I studied my Masters degree in Microbiology and was taught about it. Since then I've lived in constant fear of winter >< I feel the same with eating food from people especially if I've seen them not wash their hands! x

crazyfitness in reply to Kweh123

Oh my goodness, that's exactly how I feel. The worst months for me at November through to end of January - starting to get better as it's getting lighter. I always worry about the Norovirus and when I had a bad bout of IBS last night - I had the runs and felt sick, so much so I went to the toilet with bucket in hand! I had a tummy bug in December and actually at the time coped very well but the worst was after the event as I was scared that my hubby would get it - he doesn't actually worry when people have got the bug but can't actually cope with being sick.

I am like you, always washing hands and using hand sanitiser. I okay funnily enough when I got out to eat but I have since found another trigger and that is I can't eat raw smoked salmon which I love with scrambled egg!

I am carrying out research on Emetophobia slowly but surely and hope to find a cure - I'm better than I was years ago as I would physically shake and my heart would race if anyone around me was sick - I had hypnotherapy and that did improve things. I've had it since I was a child.

Hope we find a cure x

Kweh123 in reply to crazyfitness

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better now and that it wasn't a stomach bug! My boyfriend got norovirus last Friday and I'm not seeing him until next week (as we're doing long distance while both studying) but I'm thinking it's perfect as he won't be infectious by then lol.

That's such a shame that salmon is your trigger. I love onions and can no longer eat them as it'll make me feel like I want to puke :( It's annoying how IBS takes away the foods you love.

I feel the same around people! I had the worst experience of my life in 2012 when a toddler was sitting next to me on his dad's lap on the train home. I was in the last carriage sitting against the wall and this kid suddenly pukes all over the floor and keeps puking until my stop (2 stops later). I was soooo scared I was shaking and panicking thinking I was breathing in vomit particles filled with norovirus. I felt so sick and wanted to cry when I got home (luckily he had stopped puking and didn't puke on me while I was getting past). Now I have a phobia of little children! Whenever a baby or a toddler sits near me on the Tube I feel so scared and panicky.

I'm glad that you're feeling better than you used to and I hope that you do conquer it one day. It looks like you'll get there eventually as you're slowly getting better! I don't think mine bothers me so much as it's so normal for me now. I just wish other people weren't so germy! x

crazyfitness in reply to Kweh123

Oh no, your poor boyfriend, how horrible. Luckily enough it wasn't a stomach bug but it certainly felt like it might have been, I only had a stomach bug back just before Christmas and that was the first one I had had since I was 18 years old, I am now 57! I am therefore very lucky but would feel much luckier if I didn't have Emetophobia!

I understand your pain with the toddler sick on the tube train, they are crowded at the best of times and with a child puking, I can't think of anything worse and I would have felt sick after that. I am certainly going to research further for a cure, can't live the rest of my life fearing it, it's daft but unfortunately so real.

I have had a lot of pain since Wednesday night and not the best but certainly not feeling as bad - I honestly think it's stress with me. When I was a child people were outdoors a lot more, there was no central heating, we got more exercise and ate differently as there were no processed foods and they all food was natural - all organic. Unfortunately now our food is interfered with too much, we are stuck in open plan offices, heating is on too high and our diet is not as good as it was. I honestly think working in an open plan office, which I do, is very bad for you.

When I was at school you never ever heard of tummy bugs, there was no such thing. The only illnesses were the childhood ones like mumps, measles etc and coughs and colds. We were so much healthier then. We need to go backwards, not forwards where that's concerned.

Anyway, off now, speak soon.


Oh no I hope you feel better and yes emetophobia is the stupidest fear I also worry when the bug is going around or if someone says they don't feel well

Thank you and luckily enough it was just IBS and I can almost say for sure brought on by stress - not been good at work this week. Luckily I wasn't sick but certainly felt it. Have been at work all day and apart from pain, which I am used to, I've been fine. Mind you I have felt pregnant today with the bloating!

So so glad I have found others that are the same as me, I feel stupid when people say it doesn't bother them, wish I was like that.

Am looking for a cure at the moment and if I find one I will certainly share on here. x

It's comforting to know other people also have emetophobia and understand how bad the pain gets, IBS a is alternate so I can go months with IBS c which I agree is better and suddenly it'll change to having more cramps and softer poops, it's pretty bad cause I really never know

Kweh123 in reply to Casharrian

Thank you for explaining what IBS-A is :) I think I have IBS-non C non D as I don't tend to have either! I just have nausea with mine and cramps but my stools can be soft at times (not diarrhoea though) and I'll have those horrible pukey-feeling flare ups if I eat my trigger foods. It's so weird how different IBS is for other people!

Casharrian in reply to Kweh123

It is interesting, if only they could do more research on it!

It certainly is as you do feel a big like a loner as everyone else seems to be fine and not worry. I hope we find a cure.

I've never felt pain like the pain with my IBS. I take a capsule for the stomach cramps + a pain killer,my GP said if this pain killer didn't work I would have to be on Morphine. It's so depressing.

Kweh123 in reply to senga11

I really hope your pain medication works for you so you don't have to go on morphine! x

Hello I am so sorry you you are having an awful time.

Anyone that reaches out you on this has been there. You are not alone.

May I ask What have you been advised to help manage it?

Kind regards


senga11 in reply to Louise-king

Hi Louise,the only thing I have been told is to watch what I eat that causes my IBS to flare up. They say it's certain foods that cause flare ups,but that's not the case with me. I can eat something 1 week be fine then eat the same next week and be ill. It so depressing.

Louise-king in reply to senga11

I use Probotics and seen a huge improvement. I have been following a FODMAP lifestyle for over 3 years. I am ncgs gluten sensitive but have a high intolerance/allergy to onions. And all things fake, preservatives, fake sugers, glucose etc. This I have know for most of my life. I never handled It properly until I hit rock bottom and my brilliant Mum who is a Nutritionalist help me. She tried for a long time, but until you except there is an issue you aren't ready. I asked for help. My life has changed in every way.

My moods too!

The battle is always there but so much easier.

I also learnt reheating foods is a massive trigger. And repeat eating foods is a problem too, I wonder if that is why you are okay one week then srmyrughje the next. Sounds very much like the same pattern I was in.

I can now talk about it rather than hide. I still have flare ups, occasionally. But my life is so much better. I can go out, and travel and have a relationship. And I love my food again!

Ive tried the fodmap before and it didnt seem to help for my then a few months as usual with me but ive never thought about re heating and double eating ill try it to see if those trigger me thanks for the comment

Casharrian in reply to senga11

This happens to me too i hate it!

I really appreciate all of these replies it helps also ive had levsin before it didnt help ive used miralax which helps when i have ibs-c ive used colace before it did nothing i use zofran for nausea which helps ive also tried the candida diet, gluten free, dairy free, suger free and vegan with out eating anythimg really processed all diets helped but only for a few months ive had blood tests and a colonoscopy as well all coming out clean its very frusterating

Hi, I also get really bad nausea with my IBS. It has got so bad the last months or so I’ve lost over a stone in weight because I really can’t face eating. I have had more Ensure meals than proper food and I’m so tired I just want to cry most of the time. Hope you are feeling better today. ❤️

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