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Indigestion for 7 months !

Hello everyone !

I am a 34 years old man who immigrated to Canada (from a warm country) a year ago. I lived in a very cold area in Canada where the temperature was inbetween -10 to -50 degrees for 8 months. There was hardly any Sun. During my stay there I also suffered from extreme anxiety due to a family problem. I missed meals and had very late meals. Then I moved to Vancouver in Summers. Here I went out a lot and ate in many restaurants. I ate chicken and one day I ate Salmon. I never ate fish before in my life. Many a times I did not like chicken as the taste was so different from the ones I ate back home in my country. The Salmon was very badly prepared with too much oil and I threw it away after having few pieces.

After 2 weeks from then I developed bad digestion, passing stool 5-6 times a day, extreme fatigue, bone pain, muscle pain, discoloration of knee joints, hair fall, thinning of hair, round creamish spots on my beard and palm of hands, and fish like scales on my lower legs. Canadian doctors could identify the disorder and I had to fly back to my country for treatment. I went through blood check, urine check, stool check, endoscopy, and biopsy of stomach. Doctor found that I have very low levels of Vitamin D and B12. I was asked to have Vit D capsules (60k) once a week, 2ml Vit B12 injections once a week for 6 weeks, and Vit B Complex tablets for 3 months. He said I will be fine in 4-6 weeks.

5 weeks have passed. I have not improved even 1%. Everything remains as it was. I can only digest boiled veggies, rice, and fresh fruit juice. NOTHING else. My weight has dropped from 76kgs to 67 Kgs in 6-7 months. Prolonged indigestion leads to Vit b12 deficiency in body. But that does not mean that if Vit b12 is injected, the digestion will improve. Had that been the case I would have improved atleast 20% after 5 shots. The root cause is something else and that has not been identified yet !

What am I suffering from ? Some kind of auto immune disorder that leads to bad digestion and no absorption of vitamins and nutrients ? Do I have Mercury or some other metal poisoning ?

PLEASE share your views and help me !

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I got tested for h pylori and sibo on day 1. It isnt there. In fact doc found nothing in my gut that was wrong. I had orange juice in the morning for 6 months at a stretch.


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