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What am I entitled to through NHS

Hi all

I've recently been diagnosed with IBS after years of digestion distress.

I have had an Eating disorder or over 8 years but am now in recovery and at a is Kathy weight and BMI.

I am sick of being fobbed of with laxatives from my GP which with someone woyhbhwiyory of anorexia is probably not a a very professional thing to do.

I'm starting think I will always have yo live with these really uncomfortable digestive issues. I've spent so much money on products to find a solution for myself but it's still making my life really miserable.

Had anyone had any stool resting or bacteria testing through the NHS

I'm hoping for a miracle. UndortuanltyI don't have £100's to go private


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You can get more help from nhs you just need to see a better gp. Book another appointment with someone different and ask about stool testing, blood tests and explain about the anorexia too as this should influence the treatment they use.

I saw three gps before I got one who's not just thrown meds at me.

Good luck

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That's fab. Thanks so much. Do you mind what tests you have had. I'm worried they will all come back normal. I almost want Th ere to be an u underlining problem so I can treat it xx

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I had blood and stool tests, then it was colonoscopy time which for me was all clear. I know what you mean about wanting something specific to be wrong but really your kind of better if it is 'just' (hate that 'just' 😒) ibs.

The fact the gp prescribed laxatives to you without much thought for your other health issues makes me think they're not being thorough. Try to get one of the main gps/partners.


I'm really sorry to hear about this! And I also agree with the other reply about seeing another GP. Unfortunately you have to be quite persistent (I had to keep questioning and visiting to get additional help - which is not what you need when you're already feeling a bit crap!).

It's worth reading the NICE guidelines for IBS as it gives you a good idea of what the NHS might offer and the clinical guidance they are working through.

I'm surprised you haven't been referred to a dietitian (or even maybe CBT) as I'm guessing your history with an eating disorder makes things even more complicated when it comes to the dietary side of things!

If I'm honest, along with knowing some of my big problem foods, a lot of what I do now to manage my symptoms is more lifestyle related, as stress triggers are a big issue for me (so things like meditation, regular gentle walking, warm baths, journalling). Have you had any guidance on this?

I also eat fairly slowly and keep my meals quite simple (in terms of number of ingredients) if I'm having a flare up so they don't overwhelm my stomach.

At my worst I had really awful (and sometimes really upsetting!) symptoms, but I just wanted to let you know that they have got more manageable so don't give up hoping of things getting better.


Thanks so much. I will stay positive x

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I totally get that it fells REALLY hard sometimes. I also just had a thought - you might find one of the episodes helpful on Laura Thomas' podcast, Don't Salt My Game. She interviewed Dr Megan Rossi (who's an IBS and gut health expert) and about halfway through Megan talks about managing IBS, and that the FODMAP diet is actually a second line approach. There are a few other things that could be done first and the importance of working with someone who really gets what IBS is about.

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Didn't they refer you to a gastroenterologist and be given a diet sheet which is fodmap that should help you to know what foods you can and can't eat....


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