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Do you need omeprazole when you have an hiatus hernia?

Hello all,

This is a long winded post but i need to tell you it all so you get an understanding. I started with IBS problems around 5 years ago after a severe bout of food poisoning. At first it was IBSD and then gradually became IBSA. Before getting an 'official' diagnosis i had numerous blood tests, a CT scan for Diverticultis, which was normal, a Colonoscopy, which they couldnt complete due to spasms & an Endoscopy, which showed H.Pyorli, a small ulcer and an Hiatus Hernia. After all this I was prescribed Fybogel to regulate my bowels, Merbeverine for bowel spasms and a course of 2 antibiotics and Omeprazole 20 mg twice a day for 2 weeks for the ulcer & H.Pyorli. The Omeprazole was then reduced to 20mg daily for the Hiatus Hernia. Over the last 4 years I've been back and forth to the docs with a range of symptoms - headaches, spotting mid cycle, bad periods and period pain, tiredness, twitchy achey legs, lethargy, constant colds - the list goes on and on. Last year i tried Symprove and found this brilliant but couldnt afford to keep it up but it did stop my need for Fybogel - I then got into a rhythm of 4 days constipation 3 days diorrhoea, but no real spasms, mebeverine down to 1daily so finally felt in control of my IBS but still had most of the other symptoms, every doc appt resulted in the same, 'its all IBS related or it could be onset of menopause' Then after Christmas inside my mouth & tongue felt sore, like I'd burnt it but i hadnt and the corners of my mouth were cracked, I tried alsorts of creams but it kept coming back so 3 month ago I went to the docs again and they took blood for iron & ferritin levels -apparently these are not part of a general blood check! it showed i was very anaemic and was put on ferrous sulphate 3 times a day and folic acid 1 aday, this played havoc with my IBS so cut the folic acid out and changed the ferrous sulphate to ferrous fumerate liquid. I then developed chest pains and was sent for an ecg but this came back ok and they thought it could be a stomach ulcer so had to come of the omeprazole to have an endoscopy. The first 2 weeks without omeprazole were hell and i nearly took shares out in Gaviscon, the acid and the chest pain was horrendous and i felt sure the endoscopy was going to show something terrible, but by the time I got to go for the endoscopy - 5 weeks later - all my symptoms had dissappeared - ALL of them, not just the acid & the chest pain!! I mentioned this to the endoscopist and was told most of the symptoms i mentioned were side effects of the omeprazole and my IBS could be a side effect of my aneamia so by taking a lot of iron that had cleared up. My Endoscopy showed nothing apart from a 2cm Hiatus Hernia. I feel brilliant, no tiredness, no aches, no twitches, I still have the bad periods and occasional headache but I have much more energy and feel alive again, still have bits of diorrhoea, but just normal hormonal. Soooo back to my question - when i returned to the docs for the endoscopy results and to see how long i need to take the iron for, the doc says i need to go back on the Omeprazole, perhaps just 10mg a day for my Hiatus Hernia, I feel so good i am reluctant to go back onto this and told her what the Endoscopist had said and asked why i need to go back on it. Shes advised that although i'm not aware of any acid reflux, it is still happening as the endoscopy showed full reflux and without the Omeprazole i could develop ulcers, which could lead onto cancer. My dad died a horrible death from oesophagus cancer so this has really terrified me but I feel so much better off the Omeprazole I really, really dont know what to do now - do i not take it and risk the doc being right a or do i take the lower dose and risk feeling crap again - anyone any answers???

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When my hiatus hernia was first diagnosed about 35 years ago I had great pain and discomfort. I was put on omeprazol and it really helped. It also helped giving up alcohol and eating more slowly. After a few years I found that I didn't need the tablets and, lucky for me, I've had no problems up until recently when I had a mild attack with it which has taken a couple of weeks to clear up using gaviscon. I was also diagnosed with gallstones about 15 years ago but have luckily had no problems with them.

I have very mild IBS, especially when drinking coffee or rich food, but my OH has severe IBS and is struggling with it. He's had a colonoscopy and everything is clear so no nasties in his bowel or stomach. He has Prostate Cancer so has soya milk and brocolli etc as a part of his recommended diet to help keep it from spreading. When he looked at the FODMAP diet for his IBS, brocolli and other things that he should eat for his prostate aren't allowed so he's watching out what things make it worse.


I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and diverticulitis and have been on omeprazole for years for acid reflux but give no relief for any pain caused by the hernia.


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