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High(ish) Calprotectin levels

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on the Forum and would really appreciate your feedback I've had IBS for about 10 years and I'm 64. In February this year I saw a Gastroenterologist at my local Hospital. My G.P.had referred me several months previously as my bowels had become very loose. By the time I saw the Consultant they were more or less back to normal but he gave me a thorough examination and asked for two stool samples, one of which showed that my Calprotectin levels were 249.He arranged for a Colonoscopy including biopsies: everything was normal. Next step was a Gastroscopy, and biopsies:again,all was normal, apart form the fact that my already sensitive gut hadn't taken kindly to these procedures, both in the same month.Undaunted,he suggested a Barium follow-through which I postponed 3 times because I had a flu-type virus,had been receiving therapy for depression and felt I couldn't cope with any more examinations for a while. He was not a happy bunny about this and actually contacted me by phone to ask why. We eventually reached a compromise: another stool sample and if the Calprotectin levels were still high I would have the follow- through. They were 206 so I had the Barium follow-through: everything was normal. I had a letter today saying he wants me to have a capsule Endoscopy which will be in a Hospital out of my locality, about an hours drive away.

I'm wondering firstly why he is still pursuing this when the levels are higher than normal but not dramatically high and secondly,what will he do if the Capsule endoscopy is clear?!!

Sorry this is such a long post but it is,indeed, a bit of a saga!

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you are fortunate to be prescribed capsule endoscopy - non invasive and very difficult to get on nhs - go for it. if it is clear then great -many things ruled out - perhaps look to fodmaps, nutritionist, deep detox and cleanse etc. good luck - have been waiting two years now for appoinntment after turning down colostomy for bowel problems!


Thank you for replying, much appreciated. I sent a question to Professor Nick and he also said that it was a more comfortable procedure than the other three. I don't know how long I'll have to wait and will have to go to Liverpool as they don't have the facilities for it in our local Hospital.

I started on a Fodmap diet but it fizzled out when the Dietician I originally saw was no longer available but I'm giving it another go.

Sorry to be dense but what is deep detox and cleanse, please?

I hope you hear something about your appointment very soon, I'm sorry such a drastic alternative as a colostomy was considered necessary for you.


Dr Jens ens Guide to better bowel care helped me also a brilliant nutritionist see castle street clinic Guildford website for Linda Tern ent - don't know where you are based so good luck. I think sometimes even if we do right things they won't work if we have a build up of gunk so a proper cleanse can really help if you're well enough to tolerate it but a lot of so called cleanses are just commercial and waste of time and money.


I'll check out that bowel guide you mention,thanks.I don't think my body could cope with deep cleansing at the moment!!


Hi cathope, I'm really sorry to hear about your Gp putting you through all them tests so close together, but on the other hand you could look at it as being thorough . I've had IBS now for about 12-13yrs I've been all through every test and gastrologist available. But untill now I've never heard of a Calpprotectin test. Can you tell me does your Gp do this or the Hostpital, and what is it actually for ? All the best.


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