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Colonoscopy Referral

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Hello, my first post here! I’ve been suffering with IBS-D for 5 months and it’s really getting me down. I’ve had a few bloods tests and sent in a few stool samples but they’ve all been normal. I saw a GP before Christmas who said that he would refer me for another blood test and also requested another stool sample but if nothing was found I would be referred for a colonoscopy or some other form of scan. Everything came back normal so I’ve been back tonight and saw a different GP this time. He said that I would only be referred for a scan if any of my test results showed any abnormalities and the scan would simply verify it.

I just wondered which is correct? Have any of you been referred for a scan due to abnormalities? Or have you been referred due to still not having any answers?

I really appreciate any advice or information you can give! Thank you!

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Ive been referred purely because i got myself in such a state about possible bowel cancer. The GP warned me he wasnt sure they would even do one. My consultation is 6th march but that because my baby is due in 2 weeks so needed to give enough time really

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Beezwax in reply to MissEd

Sorry meant to say “you don’t say how old you are...”

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Luna1988 in reply to MissEd

Thank you for your reply! Congratulations 😊 Good luck with everything!

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MissEd in reply to Luna1988

Thank you! Makes anixety worse being pregnant because some symptoms can be explained by pregnancy hormones! Lol. Do let me know how you get on x

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Luna1988 in reply to MissEd

Aww I can imagine! Thanks, I will do!

If you have had untreatable diarrhea for several months, I think a colonscopy is a reasonable request. I don't know why they would refuse that. Certainly wouldn't in my country.

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Luna1988 in reply to Kilgh

Thank you for your reply! That’s what I thought too... Where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Kilgh in reply to Luna1988

New Zealand.

You do say how old you are or mention any family medical history but I would go see the GP who said they would refer you and try to push for a colonoscopy, although that might ultimately be up to the hospital you go to.

Many people don’t like colonoscopies but they are the best for ruling out stuff. It is better if they find any polyps early and remove them (as they did in my case) before they become cancerous.

Best wishes.

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Luna1988 in reply to Beezwax

Thanks for your reply! I’m 30 and I know that my great uncle had bowel cancer and my grandad had stomach cancer... but they were both older when they were diagnosed with them. I know that a lot of people feel scared of them but I feel more scared at the thought that I have something wrong which is being left untreated, like you say, before it gets any worse. It could end up being nothing but I’d rather just know.

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Beezwax in reply to Luna1988

Go back to see the GP who originally said he would refer you for a colonoscopy - all GP’s have different opinions.

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Luna1988 in reply to Beezwax

Thank you!

Agree with Beeswax, the only way to eliminate all other problems like IBD is a colonoscopy. Go for it!

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Luna1988 in reply to Linley

Thank you for your reply! I will try to push for it 😊

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