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Hey guys so I had a stool sample done to test for calprotectin in the stool which apparently is an inflammatory marker used to diagnose possible IBD and IBS etc now the normal range apparently is 50ug (micrograms) or lower and mine was 63ug now considering I am only 13 micrograms above normal and only experience mild stomach discomfort and IBS like symptoms would it actually be worth me spending money on a colonoscopy when the test result really wasn't that much outside the normal range


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  • My score was 74 I am waiting to have the colonoscopy done but apparently the nurse told me they're changing the guidelines so it's going to be anything over 100 could possibly be IBD she said they'd still test me but most likely to be ibs not ibd. I think the test is fairly new so I can understand why they are changing it they probably have more evidence now.

  • Could you let me know how you go with it ?

  • Yeah of course I will

  • I read an article in Nature recently that discussed the theory that IBS and IBD might be a spectrum of disorders and noted that inflammatory markers like calprotectin can be slightly elevated in IBS, perhaps indicating a low level of inflammation in IBS. However, the difference between IBS and IBD is that the inflammation leads to structural changes to the bowel wall whereas this isn't noticeable in IBS (although there could be other changes detectable using tissue staining techniques. I also found it interesting that the article noted there stress can increase the presence of inflammatory cells in the intestinal wall.

    I think I'm correct in saying that for IBD the biomarkers are significantly higher and I'm also pretty certain that even if histology did show some small changes in cells or protein expression we don't actually have anything effective for treating these anyway (if indeed they are the cause). Therefore, I would probably say a colonoscopy isn't worth the investment at this time; far better to see if there are any increases in your calprotectin levels in the future and then act if you notice an upward trend or symptoms deteriorate significantly.

    All that said, I'm not a doctor, and if you are concerned I'd say speak to one for their opinion.

  • I got 52 on my first so was retested and now it is 134 :( Now I need a colonoscopy.

  • I think doing a colonoscopy is beneficial as it aids in diagnosis.Also it helps in confirmation because they can take biopsies too.

  • There are other bowel conditions and a colonoscopy will help to diagnose

    Also as has been said in another reply that biopsies can be taken if necessary

    Wheredo you live that you have to pay for a colonoscopy ?

  • Australia my doc was the one that said it would cost me a fair bit

  • Oz doesn't have a National Health system like the UK then

  • Just be prepared that if there's only minimal inflammation and your gut is sensitive a colonoscopy may make your symptoms worse.

  • Health is always worth paying for because prevention is better than cure. IBD is an autoimmune disease and left untreated can be very dangerous even life threatening.

    I have personal experience of this.

    Was diagnosed with IBS for 5 years and I had Crohn's disease which nearly cost me my life.

  • i dont know much about this but i have reguler colonoscopies i dont find there too bad further they go and shoot alittle more air then its a little bit uncomfortable i never worry about it as when im laid there i just think of next patiant and its over within 6 to8 mins..

  • I really don't think the cost of a Calprotectine test is an issue. Here in Romania a Calprotectine test costs around 30 Euros. It is used together with the blood tests to asses if further invasive investigations like Colonoscopy is needed.

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