Any advice on IBC-C ( incomplete evacuation)

Hi all, as I have been eating FODMAP's over the Xmas period, I am paying the price, as I guess many people are on this site 🙁 . My IBS-C is basically that my bowel wants to work but most of the time only a tiny amount of stool comes out. ( I never get the problem of stool hard to pass ). After 20yrs of this, I have tried probiotics, magnesium and so many supplements with out any joy. The FODMAP diet does help, but not always. Has any one with the same sort of constipation as mine found any product to help their bowel work, with out using laxatives.

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  • Hi,

    Ask to be referred for a proctogram. I had one done recently and discovered that I had a mild rectocele which is the cause of incomplete bowel-emptying for me. As it's a fairly common condition, I suspect it's the cause for many other people too. Until I had this procedure I'd been told that 'it was all part of IBS'. Well, rubbish to that!


  • Yes I have got a small rectocle as well and I have exactly the same problem.What I do if I am going out and don't want to be going in and out of the loo.I use a Glycerine suppositories and that clears me out completly

    I am also on the fodmap diet but I do stray every now and then,



  • Yes, I find that glycerine suppositories work pretty well too.

    I was also told to do pelvic floor exercises to try and improve the rectocele so I now have a kegel8 electronic device which, I hope, is doing the job!


  • Where did you get the keel electronic device.I have never heard of them!

  • Go here: - and no, it's not a branch of Ann Summers although it might look like it at first!

    There are lots of different makes out there, but this is the brand most commonly used by physios. I've got the Ultra 20 - pricey, but if it does the job I'll be well pleased.

    Both the colorectal consultant and my GP said electronic pelvic toners are very good.

  • Hi Rosie 218 again,

    Before you had the proctogram did you experience severe pain, low down, mainly on the left and above the pubic area? I couldn't get an appointment with the GP until 21st Jan and it is now very painful (had IBS for donkeys years), been bad with this since Christmas Eve and getting a bit down now. Have a GP calling me tomorrow and will ask her about this, I did't realise that other people have this - the not being able to evacuate properly and in one go. Thanks again for your post, it's been helpful.


  • No, I didn't have that type of pain, in fact the only sort I've ever had is the type you get with wind. Thanks to another forum member, who recommended gripe water, I can now get rid of that when it happens as well.

    Have you ever been told that you've got diverticula as I believe this can cause pain in the area you describe?

    There are loads of people on here who have incomplete evacuation, I've seen it come up time and time again. Also, having asked around, it seems that this is what a lot of people mean when they say they're constipated.

    Bms for me are pretty much unformed although never fluid (not since I started taking Phenergan at night at least). Because of that I had some difficulty in getting the various medics I've seen, to understand that, although I wasn't constipated in the true sense of the word, I never managed to empty out in one go.

    It wasn't until I got to see a colorectal consultant that I got answers.


  • Hello Rosie,

    Your mail really resonated with me. Been told I have IBS C for many years but I dont suffer stomach pain, only bloating and constipation . I also had trouble with piles. A few years ago a consultant wanted to do an operation because of a rectal prolapse. My gp told me not to as I was too young and ihe said it wouldn't last. Now I suffer from a lot of mucus (sorry) but I don't evacuate properly. I was wondering about buying this expensive device. Should I mention it to my doctor first? Or ask to be referred to a colorectal consultant. That could take months. Thanks for your post. Read all about it and I think I have that. I know you shouldn't self diagnose but I can't help it. Lol

  • I think we all do a bit of self-diagnosing in the end as we don't seem to get much help from medics and, as you say, you can end up waiting months for an appt.

    It might be an idea to speak to your GP first although, having said that, they've all got their own ideas. Mine agreed with colorectal and thought that electronic devices were a great idea as they do a lot more exercises in a session than people usually manage to do manually. Also, if you set a routine for use (I do mine every night when I get to bed), you don't forget to do them.

    I'm now into my fourth week of use and in the last couple of days have begun to notice improvements, i.e. no mucus, bowel empties fully after two trips to loo with no straining and much less gas from both ends! At the moment I'm pretty impressed.

    I suggest you read the reviews on the Kegel8 site as they seem pretty genuine to me and users have a variety of reasons for using one. If you're still in doubt, there's a live chat connection and the advisers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

    If you decide to go ahead and invest in one I wish you'd keep in touch by private messaging on here so we could compare notes.


  • Rosie,

    Thank you so much for that. Going to my gp this afternoon

  • Hi Rosie218 & Chocolate41, thank you so much for your replies. I will look up "rectocele" now. Could you tell me if your stools are always different, mine are and it seems like a miracle if I have a normal bm.

  • I never have a 'normal' bm, it's always unformed although rarely fluid and I only have to 'go' once a day now.

    A proctogram will also spot any other -celes you might have plus intussusception (bowel-telescoping), this too makes full evacuation difficult.

    These sites give pretty good explanations:



  • Hi Rosie218, thank you again for your reply. I am defiantly going to book in with my GP to enquire about a rectocele. I will let you know the out come.

  • I Have a rectocele and intersuscepion. I have the same symptoms. I was also told it was part of ibs until a consultant actually decided to send me for tests. I have been using an irrigation system, on prescription, which helps. I also get physio but I haven't noticed much improvement. I am told I may need surgery sometime.

    If anyone out there has had surgery for this, please let me know.


  • I never have a normal stool.Yes always unformed and and I often go when I pass urine as well. As I have said a suppository helps a lot in my case.

    Good luck to all.


  • Hi Chocolate41 thank you again for the reply. I have booked an appointment to talk to my GP. I will let you know how I get on.

  • i take milled linseed every morning on my breakfast, drinking lots of water with it too! if worst comes to worst i use glycerin suppositories, which are a lot healthier than constant laxatives, i find

  • I have the same problem. Most evenings I add 1 1/2 tsp of ground physillium husk to a glass of water, stir and leave for 30 seconds, then drink. Follow with full glass of water. It works! This was suggested by an Indian shop keeper, who said that is a well known remedy for constipation in India. Can't thank him enough! Pure bliss to have a complete evacuation 😀.

    There are several ways of using the Physillium husk in food too. Add to an omelette, add to cereal, and you can even get bread recipes containing it.

    Check with local Indian corner shops/wholesalers, as it's expensive to buy from health food shops.

    Hope this helps you as much as it's helped me xx

  • Hi thank you all for replying. We all keep trying different things to help ourselves. I have booked in to discuss having a proctogram with my GP.

    Take Care xx

  • l tryed the FODMAP diet it did'nt help me it made matters worse , but luckily some good came out of me for l,ve now got a dietitian help , l take linseed from Holland barrats it help me also bananas are good , ki wi and grapes now and again , I suffer with lbs c like you , l hope this help in the long run .

  • Hi janwoods thank you for your post. I do have linseeds and other seeds and nuts in moderation, all very good nutritionally as well as fibre.

    Over the years I have seen a few different nutritionists and a NHS dietitian, so I do really eat as best I can following the FODMAP diet. I have just started taking the probiotic VSL#3, my dietitian reccomended I try this one. Here's hoping it will help 😀

  • Oats are very beneficial for the gut. Small amount for breakfast, no need to have very much. Also coffee is fairly disastrous, every thing goes into spasms and gut does not do well on more than one small coffee in the mornings, and not at all during the day nor evening except one small milky one after a meal. Never have coffee on empty stomach. Avoid those coffee shops, goodness knows what's in everything, it's to do with the way the products are made. Breathe hard into the lower gut, modern life creates huge tensions, the gut does not like it at all, lots of walking helps gut to settle, no doubt our ancestors were more active in regular doses than we are. Hope this helps from my experience.

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