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Following FODMAP diet on advice of GP

Hi All

As of another visit to a very nice GP (which for me, they all have been) and shock horror she said to me that I have to follow the FODMAP diet for six weeks. Also, if that doesn't help, I need to go back to GP and they will investigate further. Really nice to hear from a professional.

Obviously, just adjusting to having almost nothing out of a packet, and making things from scratch.

Using this website:

Which is very detailed and good to reference. Also bought a new FODMAP diet book, which is interesting, I highly recommend it.

Quick question though, as the diet is lactose free (no ordinary milk / yogurt) but it says I can have butter. Even though, I checked the packet and it contains Milk Powder.

Is that still ok butter to have, or should it be original 'block' butter?

Just so I am following the diet wholly.

Thanks in advance

[I'm not drawing any conclusions on the diet yet, until 6 weeks have past. I will post a full update then, and advise what i'll do next.]

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It's all about the way the butter is processed I think. It doesn't contain lactose.

I look forward to hearing your results after 6 weeks. I did the elimination phase for 8 weeks.

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That's great, thanks.

Just getting used to gluten free bread... But odd haha


Butter means butter not anything that is in a carton the process for block butter would appear different and does not contain milk powder.

My daughter can eat butter and live yoghurt but not fresh milk or wheat or anything that contains bran . She has found Almond milk the best alermative



Thanks, I'll use block butter from now on then.




If you are struggling please ask your GP for a referral to a Dietitian anyone who is doing a Low Fodmap elimination/re-introduction should have a referral

Kind regards

The IBS Network Advisory Group

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Yes, if there is no effect after the six weeks I have to go back to the GP anyway. So I will push for that to happen.

At the moment, since being on it, I have had no severe symptoms, but am waiting to see.

Thanks again

Best Wishes



I've just done the elimination phase for 7 weeks and found the Monash app really useful. It costs about £5 but was well worth the money for me and invaluable when I was shopping. Also, I've found these UK websites useful

both for information and recipes.

I can have a slice of normal bread today and am really looking forward to the taste but a bit apprehensive about any effect!

Good luck


Yes. Sue Shepherd, who is the doyenne of this diet, allows butter. You'll probably find other books, written by people without her scientifically-proven authority, who don't allow butter, but Sue explains her thinking every step the way.

"The Complete low-FODMAP diet", by SHEPHERD AND GIBSON.

ISBN 9780-0-09-195535-9. £16.99 (or rent FROM THE LIBRARY for 50pence)

Enjoy your butter--you will find there ARE good things to enjoy, but you have to work hard to shop and cook for FODMAP! And it costs...

BTW< the wheat-free bagels are better then the breads, INHO. Oat crackers are acceptable too.

Good luck!


I have been following FODMAP for 8 weeks and it has delivered me from the clutches oF IBS. I would recommend it, if it is going to work for you, you will see the difference in 1 week.


Also forget butter use a seed or soya spread like Pure.


Having read my post back from this long ago I have come a long way.

Not sure how I have done it but my diet contains everything now. It did take years and am still on a daily dose of Buscopan - whether it helps my actually or just in the mind am not too sure.

I eat Ice Cream, McDonald's, along with healthy food too. I have bad days, as we all do but you can pull through this dreadful disease.

All the best to everyone :)


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