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New to fodmap any help / advice very welcome

I long term sufferer ibs since my teens I Am 46 years old

I have had various procedures over the years only to be told I have a lazy and sluggish bowel .

its not un common for me to go for bowel movements for up to ten days

I have just started the fodmap diet and praying for s miracle it's been a week so far and luckily I have found a trained dietician to give me some guidance on Monday

So far I am still incredibly bloated nauseas and very constipated

How much is enough water?

I was also told by my gp to take dulcolax and lactulose every day I followed this advice for the last three months and since starting fodmap have stopped this

Any one know what I coukd take for constipation on fodmap ?

Having a celiac test on Wednesday but as I have now been gf for last week , believe I shoukd re introduce this ?

Does anyone drink alcohol on fodmap is one glass safe a day?

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Hi Yay, I'm not a fan of the Fodmap diet,it did no good for me ,but it has helped a lot of people,hopefully it will help you. I know you can eat fruit on this diet in the way of berries apart from blackberries,so try eating plenty of fruit and veg. As for water I don't think you can drink to much of that,I have a glass by me all day and just sip it all day. I can't see how you can be Cieliac, because I Beleive that's continueous D.

I put a slice of lemon in my water just so it's not so bland. Now I

Know you will be told you can't have Lemon because it's citrus but

That's not true when lemon hits your gut it changes and I've had that

Advise from the best in the country. Take care hope I've been a little



Hi gemini71 thank you for your helpful reply , I was unaware lemon was not good but will take your advice with the water the thin is when your bloated it's difficult to stomach sometimes .

How long did u do fodmap as its only week one for me so gonna go the full six weeks .

Cheers 😀


I did the full 6wks rigously through a dietician, but by week six I felt really ill,and my husband thought it may be because my body lacked some vitamins and minerals as its so restrictive,even my GP agreed.

As for the lemon it does state in the Fodmap diet no citrus fruits, but if you google it you'll see the benefits of it,and unlike oranges ect it changes when it's in your gut. It's a really good source of such a lot.

Google and you'll see. I've suffered this IBS day after day for 13yrs,I'm now trying hypnotherapy,fingers crossed it works. I really do empathise with you, it's such a long drawn out prosess trying to find the cause. I hope the Fodmap diet works for you. Rant over

Take care and don't give up.


Hi,I juice a couple of nets of lemons,put it in a jar in the fridge,then every morning,I put a bit in a glass fill it with water,then all day I keep toping it up.

I also suffer with Emphysema and I was hospitalise 10yrs ago with a chest infection,but I've had this lemon like this ever since and I haven't even had so much as a cold. You can't beat it.


Water alone makes me bloated. Try Robinson's barley juice lemonade, the one the tennis players drink. It can be pricey but its easy on my stomach.


The post above is for you jmwalsh62


I didn't drink alcohol until I started adding stuff back in. It's one of those elimination diets you don't want to mess up and do more than once. That being said, I'm sure there is an acceptable alcohol. I'd also take a whole list of things you're considering cooking to the dietician - mine was pretty good at finding appropriate fodmaps substitutes. Also, I'd consider taking corn off the list as well. It's fodmaps okay but bugs so many people - might as well try to eliminate that during this process as well - wish I had.


Hi - I'm following the FODMAP diet because of constipation and it took just over 3 weeks before I saw any improvement. After 7 weeks I started the reintroduction of foods and I'm really beginning to understand what my triggers are.

There's a lot of misinformation about unfortunately, I don't know how long ago the poster above looked at FODMAP, but oranges are allowed, as is lemon juice. The list of fruit and veg that you can't eat is long but so is the allowed list, it's a question of knowing which is which. You need to take advice from your dietitian and download the Monash app so that you can see the allowed foods. Also, be prepared to cook for yourself as ready meals almost always contain onion and garlic. Once you're cooking, you'll really see the difference but be prepared for a few weeks before the improvement starts. The only alcohol that's forbidden is rum (because of the sugar) and I drink wine, but it's the normal medical advice on amounts otherwise.

Lactulose was a nightmare for me and now I take Laxido which is fine.

Good luck!


Hi Yay789,

I also have had IBS-C for many years, and keep trying different ways of improving my symptoms.

I have recently started seeing a Nutrionist who specialises in bowel health. She reccomended that I drink a pint of warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing, then another 2 litres during the day.

I follow the FODMAP diet, and I am ok with citrus fruit.

I think you should avoid alcohol whilst doing the elimination phase, I just have the odd glass of wine, as too much can be high in FODMAPS.

I also use Dulcolax occasionally, I realise they are not good for the bowel, but it is a case of having to.

Magnesium Citrate (200mg) tablets help some people, taking 3-4 tablets first thing in the morning before breakfast ( not eating for about an hour afterwards ), I find that I go to the toilet about 20mins afterwards.

I hope this is helpful, and the FODMAP diet helps you.


Do you have a sluggish bowel or constipation? They are two very different things. Sorry to go into detail but stools when constipated are very dry. When you have a sluggish bowel you can still have very soft stools but you don't completely evacuate. I have a very sluggish bowel which is triggered by an intolerance to both natural and man-made chemicals which I have discovered by following this diet from an allergy hospital in Australia.

(example pages from handbook)

(independent support group)

I hope it helps - I wish I'd known about it 20 years ago!


Hi Swishymichy, I was interested about your post, as I have the same problem, that I hardly go toilet. I found the FODMAP diet helpful, but now that is not working. I would like to know if you have any pain with your IBS, as I do not, just constantly bloated.


Hi there, mainly bloating and a tender feeling over my abdomen and stomach area due to the swelling. I tried the fodmap diet first which did make some difference but it didn't solve my problems. I can't recommend the low chemical diet enough. I tried cutting foods and chemical containing products gradually and it's made all the difference! If you need any more advice please ask.


Hi thank you for your reply. It is a good idea to do it gradually. I am seeing a Nutrionist ( yet again ) and will ask her what she thinks. In the mean time I will look at the links you posted. Thanks again.


Please see a dietitian for help with the low FODMAP diet as the information will be correct and up to date. Your GP can refer you but check out this list too

Kind regards

The IBS Network


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